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10 Unglamorous Travel Moments

If you haven’t been travelling, you may think that it’s all very glamorous. Probably because, that’s what people like to make out. We love to show off the positive parts of our lives but not the nitty-gritty parts! Don’t get me wrong, I think that travelling is awesome fun; it’s eye-opening and jaw-dropping, but glamorous sure wouldn’t be a word I’d use to describe backpacking.

I thought I’d keep it real and share some of my not so classy moments over the past thirty months.


Warning: Probably not a post to read over lunch.


Freaking out at the Full Moon Party

No, I wasn’t on drugs, yes I am just overly emotional. It’s pretty easy to lose your friends in a crowd of 30,000 on a beach, in the dark, when you’re a tad tipsy.


Having a domestic (in a number of places)

Yelling from a hostel balcony, drunk at three in the morning probably isn’t one of my finest moments.


Having a panic attack on the plane to San Francisco

I’m not a huge fan of flying and this trip wasn’t a good one for me. I was uncontrollably hysterically! The air hostess had to come and sit next to me with a box of tissues and water to try and calm me down. I got a few funny looks on that flight… no idea why…


Throwing a diva strop because I hated Pai

I had to leave and I didn’t care who knew about it! (Don’t worry – this was almost three years ago and I’m growing out of my diva ways!)


Getting shingles from being a stress pot

Oh hiiiii Australia, here’s my horrible red rashy side to make sure you stay well clear from me in my bikini at the beach. I’m surprised embarrassing bodies didn’t pick me out to feature on their show!


Not realising I was getting completely scammed in Chiang Khong

Probably my fault for giving a shifty bald man my passport and currency to change at the slow boat terminal because he told us there were no ATMs in Laos. He seemed so nice at the time! Luckily he brought back our passports back, but he definitely ripped us off with the exchange rates.


Peeing on my feet in Laos

Bowling + Vodka + first time ever using a squat toilet = wet feet. Let’s just say it’s a good job I was wearing flip flops. Using a squat toilet with no splash-back is an art!


Very nearly being pushed into a pond in Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat really is incredible, although you don’t often think about how busy it’s going to be. I was surprised there were no fist fights while we were there, as people were getting pushed around left, right and centre. Including me almost getting elbowed in to the pond! Drowning in front of thousands of tourists certainly isn’t on my bucketlist.


Vomiting (a lot) in Koh Tao

Massages in South East Asia are my favourite, apart from all I’m trying to do is not vomit on the poor girl doing it. I remember literally having to run down the street and up the stairs to our communal hostel toilets. Thankfully I made it, but my goodness that bug was a little bugger!


Almost pooping my pants in Malaysia

I blame the dodgy gin from the night before combined with a horrifically early morning start. My stomach was not in a good way and I wasn’t even sure what way it was going to come out! Every time we stopped for a break, I was first off that bus ready to explode.


I hope my unglamourous travel moments put a smile on your face today.


  1. I think a lot of us who have spent time in Asia can relate to a few of those!

  2. I once had to ask for a thrush treatment at a chemist in Athens using my Lonely Planet phrase book. The pharmacist read what I was pointing to and asked, “fungus?” while pointing to her nether-regions.

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