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Favourite Places

Where is your most favourite place in the world?

It’s a pretty tricky one. I think that it is impossible to choose just one!
Do you like sunshine, exotic beaches or Built up cities and ski destinations?
I have asked a few of my friends are here are the places that have come back with… Tokyo, Dubai, Disneyworld, Egypt, the Greek Islands, Vietnam, Gili Islands, New York, Maldives and Sydney.
I love how different people’s taste is. One person’s dream holiday could be another’s nightmare! Some people like to get down and dirty, see the world and meet the locals, whereas others just want to get some sun and be absolutely spoilt! Then there are ski holidays (never really appealed to me) camping holidays (I hate camping!) and adventure experiences.
I do occasionally like to get pampered when I go away- I mean- who doesn’t?! But I cannot wait to go backpacking because I have never lived life day by day with no plans and no routine. I cannot wait to just get on a plane and start an adventure! I am looking forward to meeting locals and other backpackers, talking about our experiences and recommendations. Literally cannot wait to go and open my eyes to the world around me!
In regards to my favourite places that I have been so far… I have a few. I love New York, the atmosphere is just amazing, I just felt so in awe of everything when I was there and felt like I was on a movie set! Then Vegas is amazing!!! (not very cultured I do realise this!) It is just like an adult Disneyworld!!! You can just forget about serious life and have fun 24/7! The most beautiful place I have been so far has got to be Maya Bay and the islands of Thailand, they are just absolutely stunning. Complete paradise. Also, I think that Rome is a gorgeous city and Barcelona is full of culture and diversity. I hope that my list will be ever growing with all the different countries that I plan to visit.
I would love to hear where everybody else’s favourite places are and why. So just give me a shout!


  1. Byron Bay in Australia or Montanita in Ecuador for surf
    Cambodia for overall country
    Switzerland for beauty

    • Awesome, and you have seen your fair share of places, hey! I can’t wait to visit SE Asia and Aus. Switerzerland has never appealed (maybe because it’s too cold!) but maybe I should have a rethink! Your photos are beautiful.

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