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2 Month Update

I can’t believe that I’ve been away for two months already! Time really does fly when you’re travelling! Here is a little number summary of what I have been up to in that time…

It’s been 62 Days,
I’ve had 20 Massages,
Stayed in 17 Hostels,
Been terrified on 12 Buses,
Gained 8 wounds from Urban Pole Dancing,
Sunbathed on 7 Beaches,
Completed 5 items on my Bucketlist,
Had 4 Domestics with the Boyfriend,
Travelled to 4 different Countries,
Visiting 4 Capital Cities,
Trekked for 3 days in the Jungle,
Sat through 3 flights,
Sailed on 3 Boats,
Slept on 1 Train,
And partied at 1 Rocket Festival!

Every second has been absolutely fabulous…
…That would be why I’ve taken 990 photographs!

Elephant Kiss

I’ll be back with another number summary at four months.


  1. It is great to see you both making so much of the travel. You’ve certainly been very busy and I’m very envious of the number of massages you’ve had!

  2. Mary /

    Not liking the 4 Domestics with boyfriend 🙁 x

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