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30 Before Thirty

So in my head I still think of myself as a care-free twenty two year old, but I actually only have three and a half years until the big 3-0. The thought of being thirty used to absolutely terrify me, but, as I can’t find Neverland, I’ve starting coming around to the idea. I am going to make sure that I send the rest of my twenties off with a bang! Then, I suppose I should start getting ready for ‘real life’ (whatever that is).
It’s. time. to. get. shit. done! 

30 Before Thirty

✓ Be a Bridesmaid
Become an Australian Citizen
Become fluent in Spanish
✓ Become PADI certified
✓ Become TEFL certified
✓ Celebrate my 21st Birthday in Las Vegas
✓ Clear all debt
Complete a yoga course in India
✓ Complete a multi day trek
✓ Dance in a London Theatre
Dance the Salsa in Cuba
Find inner peace and contentment
✓ Go backpacking
✓ Go on a boozy girls holiday
✓ Go on a shopping spree in New York
Go on Safari
✓ Have my writing published
Learn to Free Dive

✓ Learn to Ski
✓ Live and work in a foreign country
Marry my best friend
Overcome my fear of flying
Party at Carnival in Brazil
✓ Rave at the Full Moon Party
✓ Skydive
Snorkel with Humpback Whales
✓ Spend NYE in Sydney Harbour
✓ Surf
Swim in Bioluminescent Ocean
Work on a wildlife conservation project



  1. What a great list and good on you to have accomplished so many exciting things on it.

    30 isn’t so bad, well from what I remember it wasn’t – it’s hitting the rear view mirror now for me.

    • Thank you so much, I look forward to working through the rest of the to-dos! Hehe what were your most memorable achievements at 30?

      • Wow, now you are casting my mind back a few years! I guess maybe living and working abroad, travelling to 5 continents, buying my own home….

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