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4 Years Ago – My Life Changed

The 26th of April will always be a special day to me. It’s the day I boarded my one way flight to South East Asia, with no plans for my future. Like many young people, I was going travelling. However, I wanted more than a couple of months binge drinking on the beach with a bunch of wannabe hippies. (as fun as it was at the time!) I was determined it was going to be the start of the rest of my life. I didn’t want to live a boring existence anymore. I always believed I was destined to live in a warm country, spend my time by the ocean and find what my soul so desperately longed for.

So many people say to me ‘you’re so lucky’, but the truth is, I’m just really ballsy. I take risks; I welcome change. Sometimes things don’t go to plan, so I just change my plan. I know that it’s easier to change your life dramatically when you don’t have kids, a house or financial ties, but it’s still possible with those things. If you are unhappy, change the aspect of your life that makes you unhappy. If throwing it all in and taking the leap is too daunting; no worries, you’ve still got this! Whether it be travel, or something else, set little goals and by taking baby steps each day, you’ll get where you want to be soon enough. Sometimes a shift of mindset or perspective is all you need, so bare that in mind too. 

I know that it’s super cliche to say that I have ‘grown’ and ‘discovered myself’, but these past four years really have helped shape me into the person I have always wanted to become. They’ve shaken me up and tested me; taken me outside of every one of my comfort zones and rewarded me with the realisation of how much I am capable of.

2013 was my year of discovery and change. I had the most exciting time backpacking and some pretty major changes started to happen towards the later part of the year. Little did I know how much these changes were going to shift me on to a whole new path in life!

2014 was my year of mental struggle and strength. I hit quite a severe low with my health, then we moved cities and I couldn’t find work. It was pretty rough for around 18 months, but I got through it and came out even stronger the other side. Looking back now, I am very grateful for the lows, as now the highs are even sweeter.

2015 was my year of resilience and adventure. I had to learn to not let everything affect me so deeply, to become more grounded and to have some fun again! I travelled much more and got to experience some beautiful new destinations; which reignited my passion for travel and gave my motivation back in all aspects of my life.

2016 was my year of healing and having new eyes. I feel that last year was a really pivotal point; I let go of many burdens, which enabled me to feel free and focus on what is important. I tried to be more aware of my thoughts, words and actions; shifting my perspective and appreciating the simplists of pleasures.

2017, so far this year I have been cultivating love; love for my fiance, friends, family, location, mind, body and the world that we live. I’ve shifted my energy into higher vibrations; reflecting the intentions for my future.

It’s amazing how one life choice can make such an incredible difference…. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Sometimes you need a cold splash in the face to wake you up!

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