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5 Things You Need to Beat the Bugs!

If you’re anything like me and you get absolutely eaten alive by every bug on the face of the Earth while travelling… then you should probably read this post. Mozzies seem to see me as a big juicy food source; my blood must be super sweet as they always come back for more! Luckily, before leaving the UK for my trip to South East Asia last year, I was pretty well equipped! Realistically, you won’t completely beat the little blighters, but here are my five favourite products that help protect yourself from bugs and nasties!


1) Silk Mummy Sleeper

This was the most useful thing in my backpack, hands down! I hugely underrated the Silk Mummy Sleeper when I first bought it, but it certainly saved my ass! It basically keeps you warm in the cold, cool in the warm and protects you from bed bugs and other creepy crawlies! I used mine pretty much everywhere; in every dodgy looking hostel, sleeper train and overnight bus! The Sleeper comes with EX3 Anti-Mosquito and Anti-Bac treatment, which adds extra protection against the bugs. While camping in the jungle, I spent nights fully submerged in it, as I was paranoid about horrible creatures crawling on me in my sleep! What makes the sleeper even better, it fits into a tiny little pouch so doesn’t take up much space.


2) Bug Spray

I used to be all about the high percentage deet products, but after reading in to it more I realised deet isn’t great for you, so I’ve started to use more natural bug sprays, which seem to work equally well for me. I guess with insect repellent it’s just a case of trying heaps of different brands and seeing which ones suits your body the most.


3) Mosquito Net

I didn’t really want to take a Mosquito net, as I thought it was a bit over the top, but I used it much more than I thought I would! Some hostels that are in Malaria zones do provide nets, but not all of them. I stayed in a number of rooms with horrible, holey nets with dead bugs stuck in them and even no nets at all, so mine came in very handy during my trip. It doesn’t only protect you from mossies, but any horrible bug that may fancy sharing a bed with you! Thanks to my Silk Sleeper and Net combo I had many surprisingly peaceful nights! After I had used my net and had no need for it anymore, I left it to a Cambodian children’s charity that were very grateful for the donation. That itself made my Mosquito net well worth the space in my backpack.


4) Elephant Pants

These lightweight, long printed Elephant pants can be found virtually everywhere when travelling in Asia (and even Europe). They are great for visiting temples and as protection in the evenings when the bugs come out to play! Keep yourself covered!


5) Tiger Balm

For any bites that you do get, make sure you rub some of this yummy-smelling-orange-magic on to you and the itch will disappear almost instantly. The person who invented Tiger Balm needs to win some kind of award! Tiger Balm is probably my best friend while travelling!


If these methods fail, maybe you should resort to some passive-aggressive messages and one of those terrifying electrocution racquets! They work well too.



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