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A Material Girl’s Packing List!

Packing is a horrendous chore. Especially when you are trying to pack for a year in a teeny tiny backpack! You must be brutal. Do not pack anything you do not think you will need. As much as you love your shoes, dresses and handbags, you need to be practical. (or at least try)



My flight is in 72 hours, and so far I have packed at least 4 times. I think the final figure will be about 7 before I actually leave. Each time I repack I am trying to cut the contents down!

So here it is. Some things on this list may not be ‘essential’ in other’s eyes but, for a girly girl who has never backpacked in her life, let alone stayed in a hostel, I think I have done a bloody good job! I hope it helps!

Backpack – Berghaus 60L Jalan

2x Flip Flops
1x Trainer/Plimsoll
1x Closed Pumps

1x Long Silk Trousers
1x Black Leggings
1x Denim Shorts
1x Material Shorts

1x Maxi Dress
3x Dresses that can be worn in the day or dressed up for the evening

...That's Me!

…That’s Me!

6x Vest Tops
2x Crop Tops

2x Cardis (1x Long, 1x Short)

2x PJs (1x Long, 1x Short)

10x Pants
3x Bra
3x Socks

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

3x Bikinis
1x Pashmina Scarf
1x Waterproof Mac (in a pack!)
1x Handbag
Dress Jewellery
Baby Wipes (in case I can’t shower? EWWW!)
Tweezers/Nail Clippers/Nail File
Microfibre Towel
Breo Watch (Waterproof)
Silk Mummy Sleeper
Money Strap
Notepad/Address Book
Clothes Line
Antibacterial Gel
Mini First Aid Kit/Earplugs/Medical Bits/Girly Bits
Mozzie Net/Insect Repellent/Sting Relief
Suncream/ Aloe Vera Gel
Padlocks (for Bag & Hostels apparently)

Hand Luggage Shiz

Hand Luggage Shiz

Day Pack – Berghaus 15L Jalan

Passport and Copies
Paperwork/Tickets/Insurance Bits/Vaccination Certificates
iPad & Case/iPhone & Charger
Destination Guide/Book
Mini Boofle (to continue the Adventures of Boofle!)
Pack of Cards
Money/Bank Cards
Cadbury’s Giant Buttons (because Plane food is skanky)

Remember if you over pack you can throw things away and if you forget something you can buy it out there. Unless you are going to Antarctica. Then you’re screwed.



Happy Travels x


  1. Wahey you did it! Top work Miss! 🙂

  2. Job well done. Good luck on for your trip.

  3. Not too much clothes my dear? 🙂 You are a backpacker! :-P. I see someone’s ready to go. Good luck hun!!

    • Thank you so much sweetie 🙂 ahhh do you think I’ve over packed on clothes? Help!

  4. Packing is always a mission eh?! I’d bin the microfibre towel and use a sarong instead – smells much nicer. Putting all your copies of everything in your daybag won’t be any help if your daybag gets nicked…
    Also, many people forget you can actually buy toothpaste, shower stuff and suncream/ moisturiser when you arrive – it’ll save you another kilo or more 🙂
    Have fun:)

    • Thanks, that’s a great shout. Haha and the passport/copies thing makes a lot of sense! I have split them up now! We are only taking a little bit of sun cream and moisturiser then buying the rest there. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Packing is one of the most challenging parts of traveling! You got a lot more into your backpack than I’d figure. Congrats! Now to the fun part!

  6. Great stuff Sam! I think you’ve done well so far as packing is always a chore! I am not looking forward to doing mine when I leave here – I came with 20kg but it’s definitely grown since and some things need to head back on a boat to the UK…ooops!
    NOT LONG!!

    • Haha thanks hun, I hate repacking my backpack every time I move destinations though, so annoying! Amen to the boat home!!!

  7. Yay you packed! So excited to follow your adventures!!!

    • YAY thanks Jessica 🙂 I will also get your Totally Travel Talks sent soon, the wifi in Asia is not great but it will happen!

  8. I think for a girly girl who has never backpacked in her life you’ve done great! I carry a 60L pack too and it works for me, you can always ditch stuff if you find you don’t need it. Kudos on the the 3 pairs of shoes 🙂

    • Thank you! It was tough! I’ve already started binning and buying stuff, this backpacker business is pretty fun!

  9. rebecca /

    Thanks for this list it really helps me.I am excited to backpack but freaking out over packing.What size backpack did you take? My sister talked me into getting a 48 L pack and now i am super scared it’s too small. Also, you brought two backpacks? How did you carry them. The smaller as a front pack?

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment. How exciting, when and where are you off to? How long for? All these things are a deciding factor into what you pack and how big your backpack should be. I took a 70L backpack with a 15L daypack. It’s pretty big (as I am so tiny) but I’m glad I had that room. But bear in mind that I am away for 18 months plus. Yes, you use the smaller pack for your valuables (kind of like as hand luggage) some attach to your bigger pack, but yes, I did just wear mine on the front. It’s super sexy, haha!!!

  10. Najwa /

    That’s a very useful checklist for youngsters. Cool!!

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