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A Poem For Grandad

Hey Grandad, it’s been a while

Since the last time I saw your smile.

But don’t worry, because memories last,

I’ll never forget a day that went past.

For those days were filled with joy,

Stories from when you were a boy.

Your photo albums and the VHS

Even at ten, those times were the best.

You’re the one who inspired a mini me,

to travel the world, while sat on your knee.

Your adventures used to sound so out of reach,

But I’m getting there now and in the future I’ll teach.

When I’m old, I’ll share my stories like you,

In the hope that I can inspire too.

All it takes is a passion; a dream,

With these things, nothing’s as hard as it seems.

Although you walk this world no more,

You’ll be my hero forevermore.

When I’m exploring, I don’t feel alone,

As I know you are with me wherever I roam.

Samantha and Grandad

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