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A Weekend on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s biggest sand island and a hotspot for backpackers visiting Australia, so after a couple of years living here I thought it was time to check it out for myself! I’m not normally one for group touring, but it’s a fantastic way to see the highlights of a destination in a limited amount of time. We went with a company called Fraser Explorer Tours, who were great. Our guide, Butch, was so knowledgeable and his passion for the island was remarkable. He really knew how to bond with a group and went above and beyond in order to make sure that he created memories that last a lifetime. We were guided around the island on a very comfy four wheel drive bus. We saw the famous tag along tours along the way too, they’re the ones where you travel in convoy, in smaller vehicles and take it in turns to drive, then camp at night. As I’m not one for camping, I decided against it! However, my cousin Hannah did one last year and absolutely loved it!


Our first day on Fraser was jam packed. We started by driving down the beach, following parallel to where the tide was coming in. It was really surreal being in a bus tearing alongside the ocean! We then ventured inland and drove up and down the huge, soft sand dunes in the rainforest. I didn’t even know a rainforest could grow in sand, but apparently it can! The scenery was stunning; the green of the trees and the whitey, yellow of the sand with the sun shining through made for picture perfect views. We were taken on an informative rainforest walk, where we saw a huge old tree that we could climb into, lots of beautiful streams and my favorite of all, Kookaburras!


So, the ocean that surrounds Fraser Island is a huge Tiger shark breeding ground, so best not to swim in that. Luckily, the island is also home to over 40 stunning lakes, that are perfect for a quick dip! I was probably most excited about going to see Lake MacKenzie… I’d probably compare it to Maya Bay in Thailand… if you’ve been there, you’d know what I mean. It was so stunning; absolutely beautiful, but it was packed! You could look along the sand and you’d see Instagram husband after Instagram husband, with all their girlfriends lined up, splashing about and posing in knees deep water. We, of course, were no exception!!! The water was super cold and refreshing. Perfect on a warm Australian winters day!



After the generic buffet lunch, we were off to Lake Wabby. It was a bit of a trek through the rainforest (barefoot wasn’t my best idea) but the walk was so worth it when the trees cleared and all you could see were bright orange sand dunes. It was a playground for immature adults; we were skidding, making sand angels and cartwheeling. It was awesome! The lake was over one of the dunes and glowed a stunning emerald green colour. Wabby is the deepest lake on the island and reaches a maximum depth of 12 meters. After checking out the lake, we were taught how to throw a boomerang. It’s safe to say I was crap and didn’t give it much effort after throwing it straight into the sand three times in a row. It was great to a couple of the children on our trip getting the hang of it and proving that it does actually work!



In the bus on the way back to the hotel we were lucky enough to spot a Dingo digging in the sand for food. I spotted it (just saying) and we sat and watched the wild dog from a distance in awe. He had this horrible big thing around his neck though, which I asked about as I didn’t think it looked overly comfortable and I was told all the Dingoes have to have them to be tracked. I don’t really understand why as they’re wild animals and can’t really get off the island, but I guess I’ll have to trust the experts. The sunset was stunning and as hardcore as we are, we were fast asleep, fully clothed at 8:30pm.



The next day was another busy one; visiting the Pinnacles, Indian Head, the Maheno Shipwreck and Eli Creek. The Pinnacles were rather unexciting, they’re basically red sand formations in the rock, the highlight for me was probably the tea and Tim Tams! While driving up the beach we were offered a scenic flight, as Fraser is one of the only places where the planes are allowed to land and take off on the sand runway! I opted not to do the flight, as I hate flying and it was a bit of a hasty decision, but I regretted it instantly! The other people on our trip who did the flight said the views were breathtaking and they got a whole new perspective of how vast the island is. That’ll teach me for being a chicken and saying no.


The Meheno Shipwreck was another stop that I was really looking forward to seeing. Without sounding a bit morbid and weird, wrecks really fascinate me! Butch gave us a great insight into the ship before it was washed up on the shores of Fraser and it made the shipwreck that much more impressive. Although much of the wreck is now buried deep under the sand, the structure still creates a really eerie feeling and a pretty awesome photo opportunity! If you’d like to see the Meheno, you best hurry, as it’s sinking pretty quick!



Indian Head acts as the viewing platform of Fraser Island. On a clear day, you can see sharks, rays and turtles. We had a bit of a grey day so the Ocean wasn’t very clear, however, the Whales put on a wonderful display, showing off with their breaches and fin waves! I could honestly watch the Whales for hours, they’re just so majestic and mysterious; gentle giants who roam the open water. Indian Head is kind of the Aussie version of that circle of life rock in the Lion King!

The last stop on our tour was Eli Creek; the perfect place to chill out and unwind. Fraser Island is home to so many natural points of interests and offers an array of different scenery and wildlife. If you love the outdoors then Fraser Island will definitely appeal! We had a beautiful weekend and came home feeling revived and rejuvenated!


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