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A While Back, In Indonesia

So, this post was a long time coming. I visited Indonesia almost two years ago. The reason for the ridiculously late post is because I am still undecided about how I feel regarding the three weeks that I spent in Bali, Lembongan and Gili T.

Let’s start with Bali. Now, Bali was certainly not what I was expecting. This was mainly my fault for my lack of research. Being from the UK, Bali conjured up images of beautiful beaches laced with palm trees, small locally run restaurants and maybe a handful of souvenir shops. I thought that I was going to immerse myself in culture and spend my stay relaxing in peaceful surroundings. But boy was I wrong. Kuta, where I (stupidly) decided to stay, is basically Magaluf for Australians! It was not what I wanted it to be, in the slightest! Saying this, I did decide to make the best out of it by going out to a few of the bars and salsa dancing with the locals at the Havana Club! Not to forget, the nights where I made the most out of the ‘free drinks from 10-12’’ rule at one of the bars. It was a pretty good night out, just not what I was expecting from Bali.

I hired a private taxi and visited Ubud for the day. My taxi driver was really sweet, probably only around my age. He took me to the famous rice fields and the Monkey Forest. Monkey Forest is what it says on the tin; wild Monkeys running around everywhere. It was fun at first but slightly terrifying when they showed their razor sharp teeth in their probably rabies infected mouths and chased after you with hatred in their eyes!


One evening I hired a guide to take me to Padang Padang beach, where Eat, Pray, love was filmed. It’s a beautiful spot, sheltered in a small cove. Unfortunately, the rest of world fancied tanning there too, so I headed to Uluwatu Temple to watch the sunset. On the walk up to the temple, my guide grabbed a huge stick. I asked him what it was for, to which he replied ‘Monkeys’. I laughed, thinking he was joking. Sadly, he wasn’t! The sunset when we got to the top was truly breathtaking. Everyone loves a good sunset, but this one was one of the best that I had see. At one point it even looked like I was in Africa, Lion King style, minus the Ocean of course. There I was, enjoying the view, when suddenly a horrid little monkey jumped on my head and started trying to yank out one of my earrings! It was traumatic. Luckily my guide came to the rescue and all I can say is thank goodness for that stick!


My highlight on Bali was definitely releasing baby turtles into the wild. Everyday, volunteers scout the beach for eggs and move them into the hatchery so they don’t get crushed. The day the turtles hatch, members of the public can release them. You’re not allowed to touch the little guys, so you get on of those clear petri dishes that you use in Science to pop them in and walk them down the beach. They then have an adorable little turtle race to the water. It was so touching being a part of the release and cheering on your turtle to the finish line! When they get into the Ocean you have to hope they pop their little heads up to take a breath otherwise they can end up drowning. Poor things. Did you know that only 1 in 1000 baby turtles survived in the wild. That statistic is devastating.


Nosa Lembongan is beautiful. The island is much smaller, quieter and authentic. There was a lot of exploring to be done by foot and a few nice places to sit and watch the world go by. I stayed in this cute treehouse accommodation where the bathroom was outside. Easily amused, I know. I had heard that snorkelling off Lembongan was the best around, plus I knew the Manta Rays were in town, so I booked onto a snorkel trip one morning. It turned out to be the snorkel trip from hell! The morning of the trip looked very moody, a storm was brewing. Our boat guy decided it was safe to go out on his little wooden boat, despite the waves being huge. Long story cut short; it was terrifying. We got to our snorkel spot and almost drowned as the Ocean was so rough. I saw a Manta Ray and got straight back on the boat. Girls were crying, I was freaking out and in the end our driver took myself and a couple of the other girls to a deserted beach and we wanted to get off that boat so badly! I felt like I was on Castaway when he dropped us off and sailed away! It was all very dramatic. While in Lembongan I also thought about learning to surf, but then I watched the surfers and it looked like a chore so I decided against it!


The boat trip to Gili T from Lembongan is around 3 and a half hours and is pretty rough. Water was coming in through the windows and I honestly thought we were going to capsize! I really hate boats so it wasn’t ideal. I cried. A lot. Then the driver invited me to sit up the top with him to calm my nerves. It worked until he started driving the boat with his feet! When we got to Gili T it was picture perfect. The vibe is kind of hippy chill out, with the help of countless Reggae bars scattered around the island! Horse and carriage is the main mode of transport on the island, and I wasn’t really convinced they were treated well so I hired a push bike and explored, cycling the full perimeter through beach, dirt tracks and beautiful tropical scenery. The water was crystal clear and perfect for swimming or simply hiring a double sunbed and soaking up the surroundings. I have to admit, I was a huge fan of the flashpacker beach club with the cocktail waiters and comfy loungers! With the exception of the scary shouting that came from the mosque at 5am every morning, I’d say that Gili T was the relaxing break I needed!



  1. Hey! Whereabouts in Bali was the baby turtle releasing? Is there a website I could have a nosey at? Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Jess! It’s just on Kuta beach. Not sure if there’s a website, maybe have a google 🙂 sorry I don’t have anymore information for you 🙁 x

  2. Interesting posts. Glad I could figure it out. One that I like about traveling is the blog, create a very readable article without complicated language. and this I like. Especially articles on Bali and the Gili. I really wanted to traveled there. but still could not do it. hopefully this year. nice post.

  3. That really is a sad statistic, just 1 out of a 1000 :O glad that you decided not to use the horse and carriage, can’t stand animals being treated badly! Interesting perspective on Bali, I’ll grab a stick if i’m ever there.

    • I know, it’s heartbreaking. Poor little guys! Yeah me too, it made me a bit uncomfortable but I guess they don’t know any different? Haha yes, be sure to take the stick. It saved me from rabies!!!

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