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I had been counting down the days and on the 21st February it finally came around! Last month I was excited to have an arrival at Sydney airport! I eagerly arrived to watch the Singapore Airways flight land and be ready to greet my cousin as she walked through those gates and into Australia!

Because I am the worst at time management, I found myself at a loose end for several hours. So I grabbed a coffee, sat down and people watched in the Arrivals lounge. The emotional rollercoaster I experienced during that time was pretty intense. I didn’t know any of these people, yet I found myself smiling, laughing and even crying at one point! Aside from looking a bit creepy, I felt that I had a real connection with these strangers and could relate their emotions to feelings that I have felt in the past, when being reunited with family and friends who I hadn’t seen in weeks, months or even years.


It was fun to see how each person reacted differently to the same situation. I started to notice some absolute classics, they I have named and stereotyped for you to relate to.

Too Cool

These people were far too cool for a big airport scene. They would come through the gates, say hi to their pals and leave quickly.

Totes Emoshe

These people would run in to each other’s arms and not leave the embrace for several minutes. Tears would be running down their faces and they would stand there, stroking each other’s hair! They forgot about everything around them and were just happy to be in their loved ones arms once again.

Jump, Jump

The excited look on their face as they would walk down the ramp, the hurdles style run up, and JUMP! Wrapping their legs around the loved ones crotch, looking like an orangutan that is clinging on for dear life. These people are what I like to call, the Jumpers.

Formal, Darling

‘I’m too big time for any of this greetings tosh. Just hold my name up on a board and whisk me away in a limo.’

Reserved & Shy

A smile, “Hello”, quick hug and it’s all over. Not much to see here, move on.

Sexual Tension

This can go one of two ways. Masses of PDA, loving kisses and passionate looks into one another’s eyes, or a domestic right there in the middle of the terminal. I witnessed both. I don’t know what the poor guy had done for his missis to get off the flight and give him agro, but he was most definitely in the doghouse!

Block The Way

This usually happens when the entire family decides to throw a welcome home party at the airport. Literally, everyone is there. The family pet’s probably hiding somewhere too. And they all stand there, right in the way of everything.  I share your happiness, but please do it in a corner somewhere and not in the way of everything!

Next time you’re at the Arrivals lounge, take time to take in what is going on around you and you will start to notice these fun airport greetings too!


  1. Hey girl – I can just imagine this being like the beginning and end of Love Actually, which always makes me cry anyway!
    Hope you’re well 🙂

    • Haha, babe it was like that! I was crying at one point!!! Such a sad act, hey!!!
      Hope life in NZ is treating you well x

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