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Bangkok and Buddha’s

Bangkok. What a place. People say how crazy it is, but until you go you have no idea.
Anything goes in Bangkok, nothing seems too strange. Elephants casually strolling down a 5 lane road. Men walking around in Y fronts with fruit on their heads. Brothels left right and centre. It’s madness. But I love it!!!


We only had a couple of nights and were pretty jetlagged so I don’t feel like we had a mental night out, but we will when we go backpacking! Instead, we were rather sophisticated darrrhling. We went had some dinner and went to a couple of bars. It was lovely but pretty low key. One night we ate in a restaurant called Cabbages and condoms. We had been told to go by some friends and I would recommend it. Maybe book a table though, as we didn’t. We walked in and there were beautiful fairy lights and tables with condom balloons, it was all very pretty. But it was pretty busy and we ended up getting put in a little back room that looked like a school canteen. A bit disappointing but quite amusing and I guess we have learnt our lesson! The food made up for it though. Green curry is my ultimate fav. And it was to die for! The reason for the unusual name of this yummy restaurant was because years ago in Bangkok there was a phase of malnutrition and an massively increase in birth rate. So they were trying to promote healthy eating and contraception. Genius! You even got given a jonny instead of a mint at the end of the meal… only in Bangkok! If you are in Sukhumvit you should defo get involved. But remember to book!


Another evening we went to the Skybar at State Tower. 86 floors up drinking cocktails in a beautiful open air bar and looking out on to the skyline of BKK, it was magical. It’s a shame we only had half an hour there! This was down to traffic. If you think London traffic is a nightmare, this is on a whole new level of awfulness. It’s even worse than NYC traffic! We literally travelled a couple of miles and it look over an hour! At least it wasn’t black cab prices I guess! Bangkok is soooo cheap! Taxi drivers love to try and rip you off. Just make sure you make them turn the meters on otherwise and banter with them or they will make up some ridiculous price or take you the wrong way! This leads me on nicely to Tuc Tucs. Unfortunately we did not experience this death trap mode of transport. But we will next time, It is on the list. I hope they don’t take us to a ping pong show and lock us in subjecting us to people popping things out of places that things shouldn’t be popping out of. Although it would be funny I guess. When in Rome?! Any ping pong feedback would be appreciated. No photos though please. We did go to Koh San Road , but only once, and it was during the day, so when we go back I will be looking forward to exploring and experiencing it at night!



Another evening in Bangkok we went to see ‘Calypso’ a ladyboy show that we had been recommended while we were in Krabi. It was really great entertainment and some of the performers were really beautiful! I got Tom to have a photo with the prettiest one, he was rather excited… until the ladyboy grabbed his ass and said in the deepest voice you could imagine ‘come on then’. His face what an absolute picture.

During the day there is so much to do. Not that it matters because if you don’t have time in the day most things are open all the time anyway! We got the sky train to the local market on the Sunday morning. I love markets, which is odd because I hate tat. But it’s so interesting when you’re in a totally different culture and you get to meet the locals and experience what they make/sell/eat. And you are helping them out too. It was in this market I started to discover my obsession for Buddha. I have always liked Buddha. I love what he represents and he is just an all-round cool dude really. In the market I decided to buy 15 Buddha’s. I think I made the little Thai ladies day!!!
We then got in another cab and had the ride of our lives (in a deathy kind of way) to the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is stunning. Really beautiful, we were even lucky enough to see some locals singing and praying. It was lovely to hear. We had a wonder and then headed to Wat Pho where we saw the Reclining Buddha. I bloody loved him. Buddha is awesome. And he was so big… And shiny… I want one. I wonder if Tom will make me a mini one for me out of solid gold?! Or maybe Tiffany’s will bring a silver one out incrusted with diamonds?!
It was so hot when we were in Bangkok so we didn’t spend the whole day at the temples but we did walk around for long enough to soak in the culture and see everything we wanted to see.
People in Thailand seem really nice, this is odd for us. Being from just outside of London we are used to everyone being miserable. You don’t make eye contact with anybody, let alone speak to them!!! So I always like it when you go places that people are actually nice. But sometimes it does come as a surprise and you wonder what they are after!

Okay, so, aside from the fantastic culture, people, the amazing sites, BUDDHA and the best green curry in the world, the next best thing about Bangkok is the massages!!! There are massage parlours all over the city and there was a rather legit looking one right opposite our hotel. Perfect.
Day 1 massage: bit new to this whole thing so a foot massage seemed like a good place to start. It was utter bliss. But who knew a foot massage would crack your neck and back?! I didn’t even know my body could make those noises! And I swear the masseuse tried to pull my head off at one point!
Day 2 massage: another cheeky foot/back/neck/head being pulled off massage.
Day 3 massage: thought we would treat ourselves to a full body oil massage. I was told to get naked. I took my top off but no way was I getting anything else out! It was an amazing massage but the whole time I was just thinking ‘I hope my boyfriend isn’t naked in the other room!’ … The masseuse then starting massaging my boobs. I’m not a prude, I am open to the human body, nature, being free and all that but I was trying my absolute hardest to avoid eye contact with her. It was so awkward! The situation was then topped off by being told that I am Beautiful! Ha! But kind of a compliment I guess!
Good ole Bangkok. Never failed to amuse. Can’t wait to go back! Bring it on!


  1. Becki /

    Im not religious at all but buddhism does Intreguied me it seems like a very peaceful way to live, can’t wait to go to Thailand now 🙂 . the condom place sounds hilarious! X x x

  2. It’s such a peaceful belief and they all seem so happy. You must go to Thailand Becki, it’s just so amazing 🙂


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