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Bangkok Has Us Now

We did it! We got to Bangkok, with just each other and our backpacks! Plus, I survived my first ever night in a hostel, and a grotty one at that. How exciting! I was not such a happy bunny if you rewind back to London Heathrow, when we were told that Thai customs wouldn’t let us in the county as we didn’t have an onward flight booked- we should have punched that douche bag on check in right on the nose! Making us paranoid the entire journey. But it was fine. The stop over was fun, we got a taste of Mumbai, seems pretty hectic. I’d like to explore India some more.

Bangkok is crazy. This is our second time in the madness. And we love it. There are so many backpackers in BKK. People watching is awesome, just sit in a bar on and watch the world go by. Meeting people is so easy in Bangkok, it’s a great place to start your adventure.



Koh San Road is pretty tacky, yet bloody awesome. You just have to embrace it. Buy the baggy trousers and Chang beer vest top, eat from the street vendors (although we did see them drop food on the floor then put it back on the stand to sell!), get a massage and try keeping a straight face while munching a scorpion. We did it all! Make sure you also have one mental night on the strip, drinking beer out of buckets and shotting ‘sperm’, whatever the hell that is. You will not regret it. Well, maybe you will the next day in 40 degree heat. But it’s worth it!


Bangkok also has the sights. Make sure you get out and about! Experience a tuk tuk ride. I love them, although they maybe a little unsafe! Visit the floating markets and the temples. We had already visited some of the temples so we just went to see the reclining Buddha again. It is so beautiful and I really enjoy the ambiance inside the temple. Plus, seeing a rebel monk smoking a fag really did make my day! Tom and I also managed to get ring side seats for a Thai boxing match, it was pretty awesome. Although I definitely got sprayed with sweat on more than one occasion! We saw one knock out, it was pretty intense. I wouldn’t want to come across one of those guys in a dark alley!



Once you’re done soaking up the madness, I’d suggest heading up to Chiang Mai on the overnight sleeper train. That’s what we have done, and it certainly was an experience. Less painful than I imagined too.


Sam’s first thoughts backpacking:
‘Oh wow, this shit just got real’
‘Errrm has Thailand got some kind of toilet roll shortage?!’
‘I normally moan that it is cold, but now it’s way too hot. Summer back home is about 20 degrees. Someone get me an ice cold coke (or Ean as they are called over here!’)

Let the journey begin…


  1. Great to see that you’ve arrived and are enjoying so many of the highlights. You must update us on exactly what you are “shotting” in the bar.

    Your post comes across with such enthusiasm it is clear to see how excited you are 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Haha I wasn’t brave enough to try the ‘sperm’ shots, you never know what it could be in BKK!

  2. toilet rolls in asia??? the quicker you learn to use your left hand the better!!!!!!

  3. This is the start of many adventures!

    Can’t wait to follow them 😉

    Have tons of fun!

    • Thank you Karla, I best get writing! So many awesome experiences already.

  4. So happy to hear you love this place. I also tried some scorpions, so salty but yet delicious! Enjoy!

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