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Cambodian Motorbike Commentary

Hello there, I’m Sam Starling and I am bringing you live commentary from the Tuk Tuk on the way back from the Killing Fields, Phnom Penh. Today I will be answering the question on everybody’s mind when in Asia… How many people can you get on a standard motorbike? I’ve been watching these humans for some time now while travelling Asia and I think they are clever creatures when it comes to squeezing a number of people on the smallest vehicle possible.

It’s one in the afternoon now, we are lucky enough to be bringing you the action, straight from the peak lunch time period. We should get some decent glimpses of many Cambodian people on one single motorbike.


Oooh, we have one person on a bike. She looks very chilled out, casually enjoying the ride. I wonder where it is she is going. She looks relaxed, and is dressed very sensibly with a hat to protect her from the sun. But where is her helmet?


We have another, just another single person, but this time he has baggage. I’m not sure what exactly is in those containers, but I’m guessing either petrol or beer. Another has just sped past, but she had an insaaaane amount of junk in her trunk. She was too fast, no photographic evidence of her unfortunately.


Okay, we have two. I repeat, two on one motorbike. They appear to be female, perhaps one teen on her way to school. She’s playing on her phone, two feet on one side of the bike. This girl has balance down to perfection.

Our Tuk Tuk has stopped at some lights, giving us time to watch for more locals on bikes. Here one is now. Three people on this bike. All with exceptional posture, may I add. They look a tad bored, waiting for the lights to turn green so they can go go go!


Now we have three, can we get four people on one bike? Yes, yes I see some coming now.


Sorry for the poor photo quality. It’s rather hard shooting snaps of a moving bike from a moving Tuk Tuk! I hope you can make this out. Four people. On one bike. How do they do it? Dad is in charge, taking the children to school. They aren’t even holding on!

Oh my, oh my. Do my eves deceive me? Or is that… Woooo. We have five people, plus book bags, on a bike. Look carefully, do you see it?


Another school run. Who needs cars when you can fit your entire family on a bike? This is truly magical. The Cambodian people have this down to a tee. We have five on one single motorbike. I take my hat off to you, whoever you may be.

Next time you’re travelling and see a large number of people on a bike, please tweet me @TravelSamsWorld.

I’d be curious to see if we can get six or more!

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