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Ciao Venezia

Flying over Venice makes you realise how tiny it is! But what a truly magical city.
As we stepped off the plane we instantly got that Italian feeling! (with the exception of the Manchester men shouting ‘dead ants’ as mentioned in my ‘airports’ post!) To get to Venezia you have to take a boat (obviously)… we took the water bus, if I had more money I’d have gone with the water taxi, but I was poor! I wouldn’t massively recommend Venice for people who get sea sick. As you would be pretty miserable. But I loved the boat trip, although it took about 2 hours. It’s was rather relaxing.
Our hotel was very traditional and venetian, stunning. Right in the middle of the Rialto Bridge and St Marks Square. Perfect location for exploring.
During our stay in Venice I absolutely fell in love with the Italians. I have been to Rome before but don’t remember them being as nice?! All the Italians we came across were so friendly. They were helpful and didn’t seem to hate on us for being ‘tourists’ (although I do everything in my power to not look like a tourist!) my friend Laura on the other hand loves stopping and looking at the map! Bless her! All in good fun! I did love the fact that I was often mistaken as an Italian. I’m quite tanned with big brown eyes, so this was good news on the looking like a local front! I guess this won’t work when I go back to Thailand though!
The best thing about Venice is getting lost. It makes the Alice in Wonderland maze look like a doddle! The side streets are all so beautiful and mysterious, you just wonder around in awe of it all. If you think about going back to a side canal you saw earlier my advise would be don’t, because you won’t be able to bloody find it again! Bridges. Venice has a fair few bridges. At first they are a novelty. “ooh what a pretty bridge, let’s take a photo” to 2 days later “ow great another bridge, my legs hurt” …The Japanese seem to love the bridges. I’m glad they like them but they stand right in the middle of them taking photographs, so you can’t actually do the thing they are designed for and cross the water. Then it turns into a giant bridge congestion, where you need traffic lights and lollipop men. Well maybe not the last bit but it’s pretty hectic.
St Marks is an attraction in itself. The basilica is beautiful, so detailed and artistic. The square is such a good spot to sit with a drink and soak up the surroundings. Watching the street artists sitting on their stalls painting the sites, I love this as I’m bit of an art geek. We even saw a seagull swoop down, brutally murder and eat a pigeon. Delightful. I didn’t even know they ate each other! Learn something new everyday, hey!
Venice is made even more stunning by the sunshine. The light on the buildings seem to make them change colour throughout the day. It never looks the same. Emphasised yellows, oranges, pinks and browns. With flowers up the buildings and Venetian masks in the windows. Not going to lie, the masks do freak me out a bit. I don’t think I’m alone. They are creepy. Especially in the dark. There are noise laws in Venice to keep its peaceful ambiance. So when you are walking home from your meal it can be pretty spooky. The reflection of the sidelights in the canals, the eerie silence and the masks in the windows! All you need is some ghost stories and you will be sorted! I loved it though.
My highlights of the trip (other than watching the world go by and getting lost) would be the Opera and the gondola ride. On the Saturday night we went to Harry’s bar and drunk a couple of Bellini’s, it was the bar they were invented so it had to be done. €80 later we decided we should make our way to Opera! It was showing at an old palace and we bought tickets to the Barber of Seville. Didn’t understand a word they were saying and didn’t really have a clue what was going on but it still gave me goosebumps. It’s was breathtaking. How an earth can people be so talented and appeal to all nationalities? Each act was in a different room of the palace, it was an amazing experience. There were only about 80 of us in the audience and it gave the opera that extra bit of intimacy as the performers were singing around us! The barber even brushed my hair! What a night! I would recommend it to everyone!
The most obvious thing to do while in Venice is to experience a gondola ride! And you have to do it! The feeling of going from quiet, tiny canals to then sailing (is that the word?!) onto the grand canal is one you can’t get anywhere else. And as ridiculous that sounds, its true. Our gondolier was called Luca, he sung to us and told us about the history of the city. He even let us row the gondola. And yes, I almost fell in. It was 40 minutes that I will always remember.
Ooh, almost forgot. The food. It was lush. The best pizza in the entire world, by a mile!
I love Venice. I love Italians, limoncello, bellini, pizza, people watching, gondolas, art, opera and bridges. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.





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