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Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge


A recent quick trip down to Sydney saw us on the top of the bottom of the world! I’d always wanted to climb the world-renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge and after five months of living in Sydney and staring at the thing every day, it was only when I got to Byron Bay I actually bit the bullet and decided to booked it!


After celebrating being back in the city with a few drinks the night before, I’m not going to lie, when we were getting breathalysed before the climb, I was slightly nervous and then extremely delighted when we passed! I thought the pre-climb process was going to be a bit of a faf, but I’ve got to give it to Bridge Climb, they were seamless and everything ran very smoothly. There was no waiting around and the group that we had were great fun. You do one of those awkward ‘ice breakers’ that you have to do at school or at a new job and then off you go to get kitted up. I must say, the outfits they give you to ‘camouflage’ and not distract drivers on the bridge is rather unflattering. I suppose if there were a bunch of hot chics in crop tops it would probably cause some accidents!


Walking on along the ‘Catwalk’ was probably the scariest bit for me. You’re at the lowest part during the climb but it’s pretty narrow and you can see straight down which was daunting at first. But once you get used to it you can strut your stuff in your sexy grey one piece, blue cap and radio headset! Our guide was fabulous; she was really informative and funny. She knew pretty much everything about Sydney I reckon. The commentary is interesting and not too overpowering; I liked the fact they gave you time to simply listen to the surroundings and look out to the distance.


Once you’ve walked the Catwalk, you have to climb a set of around 100 steep steps, that run in between the car lanes. It’s pretty awesome seeing the bridge from a whole new perspective. In total you actually walk up 1,332 steps during the bridge climb. When you’re up on the arches, you get a little tour of the horizon and get a chance to have some pics taken.


Here are some generic bridge climb selfies of us… enjoy…


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The bridge was opened in 1932 and the locals were actually not all that fond of the idea, mainly because a few pubs stood in the way and had to be demolished, so of course the Aussies kicked off. Lucky for them, the pubs were moved and still there to enjoy an ice cold schooner! When our guide was telling us about how the bridge was made, I was pretty gobsmacked! The guys working on the bridge had no safety harnesses and they would literally throw from one side to the other, red hot bits of metal and catch them in tiny buckets, ready to attach them on to the huge steel structure. Fair play to them, mentalists!


At the top, the 360 degree panoramic views are incredible and the height thing wasn’t an issue as there’s so much framework around. Then, of course, it was time for a cheesy ‘top of the bridge’ photo. Cue jazz hands.



The views on the way back down was equally as impressive and beautiful. (Apart from the creepy Luna Park clown. He freaks me out.) You get to see the side of the harbour that’s often overlooked and hear more stories about the history of the city. Walking back down the stairs is much more relaxing and I guess you kind of get the chance to let everything sink in and enjoy the ambience on top of such a famous landmark.

I knew the bridge climb would be a fun thing to do but it really did exceed my expectations and the experience was fluid and polished. Thank you Sydney Bridge Climb for another memorable tick on my bucketlist!

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