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Dear Diary. Welcome to Amsterdam

Dear Diary.
Day 1 in Amsterdam

Cheeky early start in London, we travelled by Eurostar to Brussels, then hopped on an intercity train to Dam (after getting kicked off a posh train that we got on by mistake! Whoops) The journey was loooooong. But rather painless I guess.

My first thoughts in Amsterdam were these…
‘Where the hell do I walk?’
‘What is the road and what is the pavement?’
‘I am going to get hit by a cyclist!’ … AHHHH it is so scary, death by bicycle around every corner!!!

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Picturesque canals and fabulous architecture. Busy and full of life. Not the best weather, rain… but we are British, it makes us feel at home! I’m not even sure that I have left the UK?! We didn’t get on a plane so it does feel a little surreal!

Dam 1

We checked in to our little hotel in the Leidseplein, before I came I read trip advisor, the hotel had awful reviews, which scared me a little, but it isn’t too bad at all! Trip advisor does make me laugh. A long as there are no creepy crawlies in my bed and there is hot water then I don’t really care. The location’s great.

Hard Rock

The people in Amsterdam all seem really friendly and talkative. We were pretty hungry and tired after wondering around aimlessly so we thought a cultural trip to the good ole Hard Rock Café would be the best option to fill our tums. The staff were so enthusiastic and talkative, cracking customer service, you wouldn’t get that in the UK! It was nice to speak with the locals in the bars and restaurants. We asked where was good to go for a quiet drink and we were recommended some little traditional Dutch pub and told to order a ‘Qwack’ beer. So after annihilating a plate full of stacked ribs we decided to wonder to ‘Gollum’s’ for a drink with the locals. ‘Qwack’ was really cool, it came in the most exciting glass and wooden holder! (small things make me happy) There was a Dutch quiz going on too, it was good fun trying to guess what questions were being asked and the answers to them! We even got some of the movie questions right! Go us!

Dear Diary.
Day 2 in Amsterdam

Today we have been on a sightseeing mission! Anne Frank house was stop number 1. Very interesting and highly emotional! It really makes you realise that life right now is pretty good! You can read my full post on AFH house here. After visiting Anne Frank we needed to lighten the mood a little, so grabbed a big greasy burger and continued venturing around the city by foot. The Red Light District isn’t as impressive in the day. Just a couple of naughty shops, looking forward to going back tonight.


We have just been to the House of Bols. We were recommended visiting here by Chantal on Twitter (@Channie_Smit), she is from Dam and was so friendly and helpful. House of Bols was amazing. Bols is a brand of alcohol, and the house is full with interactive features, product information, cocktail videos and of course an amazing bar. You choose what cocktail you want to try, print off the recipe and the barman makes you it! Beautiful. You even get a couple of free shots, the flavours of your choice. Coconut was my fave. It is safe to say I am pretty tipsy, and it is only 4:30pm!



This evening was rather eventful. A night of sex, drugs, and prostitutes. Firstly we visited the Amsterdam sex museum. And I was a little disappointed. Apart from having my photo taken with a rather large model penis, there was nothing really too thrilling. It was cheap to get in to though and a giggle, so I’d say it is still worth a half hour visit. Then it was time to try my first ever hash brownie. And watch my first ever live sex show. You can read all about my naughty night in Dam here.

Back at the hotel now. Feeling really quite para, para, paranoid. Keep having daydreams that someone is going to come in our room and attack us, and I can’t sleep. This is why I’ve never been stoned before. I’m such a liability!

Dear Diary.
Day 3 in Amsterdam


Heineken Factory first thing in the morning? Don’t mind if I do. I never thought I liked beer. But apparently I do. Especially for breakfast. It was really interesting, with lots of fun things to do. We even went on a ride that turned us into beer! After a couple of pints on an empty tummy we decided to trek for miles in the rain (I am still not convinced we have left the UK) and I probably wasn’t in the best mood while doing this, but looking back we saw lots of the city and burnt some calories!



As it was our last night tonight, we thought we would go out for a nice meal, so I asked Google. And he did not disappoint. We found this little Mexican restaurant called Los Pilones. It was amazing, really traditional. Food was great and the Mango Margaritas were lush. I think Dam has turned me into a little alcoholic. If you like Mexican it is defo worth a visit. It gets pretty busy though, so you may end up eating on the bar like us, but none the less it was a lovely evening. After being full of beans (literally, Mexican beans are yummy) Tom and I thought another pub trip was in order. It had been at least 8 hours! We ended up in an Irish bar (I swear they are everywhere?!) and watched the football (that I was unaware was on) so I kept myself amused by playing the coaster flipping game. Do you know the one I mean? Seriously, I am the DON at that game.


Dear Diary.
Day 4 in Amsterdam

Home time. Waaaa. On our way to the station we came across one of my new favourite shops! It’s called Sam Friday!!! It had my name on, so I just had to buy a t-shirt!

Sam Friday

After what seemed to be the world’s longest train journey we are almost back in London now. I may have to leave it there, before I get travel sick and throw up on my ipad.



Dam Square


  1. Sounds like a blast. For a moment I thought you’d begun your world wide travels.

    I went to that sex museum maybe 20 years ago. Do they still have the large Marilyn Monroe statue there?

    • Hehe not yet, we visited Dam in October. I don’t remember a MM statue. Just a giant penis. That has stuck in my memory… not sure why! HA.

  2. Oh my gosh House of Bols sounds amazing and I’m going to Amsterdam in 2 weeks. So excited to have found this!

    • House of Bols is great, really hidden too- when TOm and I went we were the only people there. Enjoy your trip, let me know what you think of Dam 🙂

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