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Defeating Airport Boredom

I love airports, but let’s face it. If you’re an avid traveller, you get to visit some of the most boring airports the world has to offer. Here are my ways of keeping sane, when bored out my head at these uneventful places.

One of my personal favourites. Shopping normally cures all kind of negativity from my mind. Plus, if you’re leaving a country you don’t want to have their worthless currency in your purse for another couple of years. So it really does make sense to spend it! A girl can never have too much perfume or too many handbags after all.

When you’re bored, you’re hungry. So indulge. The highlight of a boring airport is usually a decent restaurant, so embrace it! Make sure you stock up on chocolate for the flight too, those inflight meals are horrendous.

I blog a lot. So it’s all good for me, but for you non bloggers out there, why not write a diary of your travels to look back on in years to come? Or how about writing those blank postcards in your bag? It will make your Nan’s day.

I’m not a big one for fiction, but even I read at the airport! I like to read about other people’s travel experiences on blogs and in guide books. Catch up on the gossip in the magazines or even play a word game in one of those little puzzle books. It will kill at least half an hour!

Listening to music keeps me entertained for hours. How about learn all the intros to the songs on your playlist, so you can be the don at beat the intro. Or what about learning the lyrics to a new album? My personal favourite is choreographing dance routines in my head and trying to discreetly dance them in the waiting room at the gate. Who knows, you may start the next Flashmob craze!

People watch and try guessing where they are going and what nationality they are. Don’t step on the gaps on the floor tiles (or you’ll be eaten by sharks) and try games like ‘I spy’ and guess the intro (which you will win because you’ve been practising!) Some of you pass the time by playing card games, this is great if you enjoy them, but personally, I’d rather chew off my own finger than play card games for 3 hours… Unless it’s ring of fire!

What exotic destination are you off to next? When are you going? What is there to do there? Try daydreaming about not going back to reality. You always need to have your next getaway planned!

If none of these help, then just go to sleep. You boring traveller, you!

I hope I’ve helped defeating airport blues, Happy Travels!

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  1. I go through numerous airports every month and it can be tedious if you have a long time until your connection.

    I certainly adopt a few of these including blogging, reading, listening to music and internet surfing as well as catching up on e-mail.

    I really can’t be doing with the shopping. It is rare that I really need to buy something and I often find the prices are not really that cheap. Thankfully I don’t smoke otherwise the shopping may have more appeal.

  2. I’m definitely a kind of person who would eat, eat and drink latte all the time 🙂

  3. People watching is the best 🙂

  4. Thanks guys!!!


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