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Sam’s RTW 2013 – 2017

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Chiang Mai, Thailand
3. Pai, Thailand
4. Chiang Khong, Thailand

5. Pakbeng, Laos
6. Luang Prabang, Laos
7. Vang Vieng, Laos
8. Vientiane, Laos

9. Hanoi, Vietnam
10. Halong Bay, Vietnam
11. Cat Ba, Vietnam
12. Hue, Vietnam
13. Hoi An, Vietnam
14. Nha Trang, Vietnam
15. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

16. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
17. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
18. Siem Reap, Cambodia

19. Bangkok, Thailand
20. Koh Tao, Thailand
21. Koh Samui, Thailand
22. Koh Phangan, Thailand

23. Penang, Malaysia
24. The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
25. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

26. Singapore, Singapore

27. Kuta, Bali
28. Lembongan, Bali
29. Gili T, Lombok
30. Kuta,  Bali

31. Sydney, Australia
32. Byron Bay, Australia
33. Sydney, Australia

34. San Francisco, USA

35. Sydney, Australia
36. Melbourne, Australia
37. Kenett River, Australia
38. Port Campbell, Australia
39. Melbourne, Australia
40. Shepparton, Australia
41. Melbourne, Australia
42. Sydney, Australia
43. Orbost, Australia
44. Melbourne, Australia
45. Alice Springs, Australia
46. Curtin Springs, Australia
47. Yulara, Australia
48. Alice Springs, Australia
49. Melbourne, Australia
50. Sydney, Australia
51. Byron Bay, Australia
52. Sydney, Australia
53. Byron  Bay, Australia
54. Cairns, Australia
55. Byron Bay, Australia

56. Hampshire, England
57. Essex, England
58. Hampshire, England

59. Hong Kong, China
60. Brisbane, Australia
61. Byron Bay, Australia
62. Noosa, Australia
63. Byron Bay, Australia
64. Yamba, Australia
65. Byron Bay, Australia

66. Auckland, New Zealand
67. Rarotonga, The Cook Islands
68. Auckland, New Zealand
69. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand
70. Rotorua, New Zealand
71. Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
72. Auckland, New Zealand
73. Byron Bay, Australia
74. Rainbow Beach, Australia
75. Fraser Island, Australia
76. Byron Bay, Australia
77. Sydney, Australia
78. Rarotonga, The Cook Islands
79. Sydney, Australia
80. Byron Bay, Australia
81. Port Vila, Vanuatu
82. Byron Bay, Australia
83. Sydney, Australia

84. Park City, Utah, USA
85. Byron Bay, Australia
86. Brisbane, Australia
87. Byron Bay, Australia
88. Springbrook National Park, Australia
89. Byron Bay, Australia
90. Sydney, Australia
91. Byron Bay, Australia
92. Brisbane, Australia
93. Byron Bay, Australia
94. Sydney, Australia
95. Byron Bay, Australia

96. Brisbane, Australia
97. Queenstown, New Zealand
98. Byron Bay, Australia
99. Sydney, Australia
100. Byron Bay, Australia

101. Hampshire, UK
102. Essex, UK
103. Copenhagen, Denmark
104. Hampshire, UK
105. Dubai, UAE
106. Byron Bay, Australia

107. Negombo, Sri Lanka
108. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
109. Kandy, Sri Lanka,
110. Ella, Sri Lanka
111. Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka
112. Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
113. Colombo, Sri Lanka

114. Kurumba, Maldives

115. Byron Bay, Australia
116. Hobart, Australia
117. Byron Bay, Australia




  1. looks like an epic plan!
    Thailand wise defo add in Pai (just up the road from Chang Mai) take out Samui (it’s rubbish!) and add in Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi.

    Laos wise I’d limit your time in Vientianne and maybe pencil in the 4000 islands.

    and oz wise make sure you go to great keppel island…i can score you heaps cheap accom

    • Thank you so much for your help, I shall add these to the list! Keep in touch, any other ideas let me know- really appreciated 🙂

  2. You dont have Philippines on your list….. This is the best part of Asia. So much to see and do. Friendly people, good food and fun to travel around. Just look at my website i am doing a 100 day road trip around my country.

    Also if you come to Philippines just let me know. You are welcome to stay on my island of Sibuyan

  3. From someone who has just finished a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, I think you’ve hit the mark with your plan in these three countries, but would add Sapa in Vietnam and maybe consider removing Nha Trang for Mui Ne.

    Good luck! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the tips- I have added them to my list! Did you go backpacking? Was it amazing?! Just had a look at your blog- love your photographs 🙂

      • Thanks, the photography is a hobby in it’s infancy though!

        Yes, my wife and I went backpacking (this was actually our honeymoon, which we are currently still on, now in Macau)! Yeah it is awesome! You will love the region, some much to see! Will have posts on the trip up in the coming weeks (will be including some details on hostels and tours etc) which might be useful to you.

        If you have any questions just let me know.


        • Congratulations! That’s such a cool honeymoon! Hope you’re having an amazing time!
          Thank you- I will look forward to reading more. I’m not off just yet but when I’m freaking out about what to do I may have some questions to ask! Cheers 🙂

  4. Hi Sam,
    For your Malaysian itinerary, I reckon you could do without Langkawi and check out Cameron Highlands and Malacca instead. Cameron Highlands are of rolling tea plantations while Malacca is a cultural and food aficionado’s haven! As for Indonesia, you might want to visit Lombok, especially the Kuta (not the Bali one) and its southern coasts before heading to Gili Islands. As for Togian Islands, you’d definitely need to fly into either Poso, Manado or Makassar before getting there. It is a very remote archipelago so I’d suggest checking out the islands in Manado before heading towards Gorontalo and then taking a boat to Togian or work your way up from South to Togians, passing by Tana Toraja (which is hyper creepy yet fascinating funeral rites and burial sites)…Cheers!

    • This is amazing. Thank you so so much for the awesome tips- next time I’m at my laptop I will have a little look and change my itinerary around. Thanks again 🙂 are you travelling at the moment? Where is your most favourite place in the world to visit?

  5. If you ever wish to make a visit to Bhutan, you sure will have a complete new experience. Bhutan is Unique and amazing. Put it in your wish list if you care to travel.
    Greetings !!!

  6. I’m a little bias but recommend the West Coast of Australia (cost & time can be factors), places like Broome & the Bungle Bungles or Southwest region (Margarest River – wine country) are worth a look. In NZ Franz Josef is amazing but if you go there suggest you stop in at Queenstown!

    • Thank you. I wasn’t thinking of travelling to Western Australia but I think I will try now. I’ve heard so many people talking positivly about it. I’ve also heard Franz Josef is the best spot for skydiving? Is this true do you know? Thanks again, I will keep you posted!

      • Didn’t skydive myself but imagine it would be unreal. Did the Helicoptor flight at Franz Josef which was spectacular but apart from that stuck to slightly less extreme activities like the canyon swing, white water rafting and Bunjee in Queenstown…..getting travel envy reminiscing!!

        • They sounds amazing, white water rafting is pretty extreme?! Thanks for the tips 🙂 can’t wait to visit Franz Josef. What’s the canyon swing like? I don’t fancy bungee- I’d rather just jump out a plane hehe. Awww come along, don’t be envious! 🙂

  7. Canyon swings great much better than bunjee. My next trips a way off i think as i’m currently undertaking the most extreme of adventures, a 1 week old son. Hence travelling vicariously through blogs. So looking forward to reading all about your trip!

    • Thanks for the tip! Where did you canyon swing! Awwww good luck and congratulations!

  8. Please let me know what Asia is like! so many of my friends travel there but it doesn’t really appeal to me us much as Australia unfortunately, who knows maybe il venture there on my travels hehe!!! please check out my page if you have a minute 🙂

    • Asia is incredible! Do you have any specific questions? I have heaps of blog posts about my experiences so have a little read. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for sharing your blog, I’ll check it out 🙂

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