Another beautifully lost dreamer with an incurable case of wanderlust.

Dreaming This Day Away

When I’m sad, I write poetry.


Dreaming this day away


When life gets on top of me and I’m feeling stressed,

all I really need to do is close my eyes and think of less.

Less selfishness and starvation, less war and less disease,

less bleaching of our reefs and less destruction of our trees.


I’m dreaming about a world, that has abolished hate,

A world where the media, wouldn’t stir or manipulate.

I’m dreaming about a world, where kindness has control,

a time where paper money couldn’t corrupt your soul.


The sound of the ocean calms me, perspective it does give;

to appreciate the simple things, is how to really live.

With content and peace inside me, I let anxieties go,

and keep escaping to this place, that only the dreamers know.


S.Starling 28/12/16

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