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Elephant Hills

Elephant Hills is about a 2 hour drive from Krabi. It is a little retreat in the middle of the jungle with amazing experiences and beautiful tented accommodation (yes, I should defo be a sales woman for them, I loved it!)
You are put in little groups that you spend your stay with and you have a dedicated local guide. Our guide was called ‘Julie’ and she was so sweet! She really made every trip extra special for us, she was full of knowledge and had a great sense of humour! All of the guides were amazing to be fair.
As you may know from reading my previous posts, I hate typical English tourist. But we were the only English couple there, it was brill. (we didn’t live up to the skanky reputation, don’t worry!)
It was great mixing with different nationalities and hearing about everyone’s travel stories. Travel really is a universal language.
We stayed at Elephant hills for 2 nights and it was jam packed with activities. We went canoeing, fed and bathed the elephants, long tail boat rides along the lake, watched some local children perform traditional Thai dancing, learnt how to cook local cuisine, ventured around some crazy markets and trekked through the rainforest! (sorry, that was a bit listy, I do love a list)
As we were literally camping in the jungle we were told to keep our tents closed at all times and watch out for snakes. EEK! There were King Cobras spotted in the camp the previous week. Delightful. I’d like to think if I came face to face with a Cobra I would crack out a conveniently located flute and charm it. But in reality I would probably scream and it would bite me 🙁
Tom and I kept our tent closed at all times, we did as we were told! But we kept finding little Lizards inside! I don’t mind them, they are cute. But how an earth did they get in?! Well. There was a hole in our tent. Awesome! Bye Bye any kind of sleepy times, as every time I drifted, I woke up thinking that I was being devoured by a giant snake!!! Ha!
The main reason we went to Elephant hills was to see the Effalants of course! I’m not a massive animal person to be fair, but there are a few that I love! Koalas, Tigers and Elephants are up there. Unfortunately I can never have any of those as pets. I always wanted a pet tiger, like Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. But no, mother won’t allow it!
Anyway, back to Elephants. They are kept in a reserve and looked after by the local staff there. They all seemed very happy and it was all very legit! (which I’m always a little nervous about- it would be really sad if they were not treated properly)
We chopped up a massive bucket of food each and chose our elephant to feed. It was so much fun. My Ellie was a massive fatty. Finished her food off first and then started eating the others leftovers!!! Then they all had a swim in a lovely muddy pool, and we gave them a bath to clean them off. It was such a brilliant experience, they are such friendly lovable creatures. If you go to Krabi it is a must do!

I think photos speak louder than words so here is our amazing stay at EH summed up in pictures…

















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