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Here are some of my published articles on other Travel Blogs and Online Magazines…

A ‘Wannabe’ Flashpacker Guide to SEA
5 Ways to Defeat Post SEA Backpacker Blues
5 Low Maintenance Tips to Keeping up Appearances on the Road

Essential Month By Month Pre Travel Tips
Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To On My RTW Trip
The 2013 Tubing Experience
Just Call Me ‘The Elephant Trainer’

Mulgas Uluru Tour
Whale Watching in Byron Bay
Dorm Sex Etiquette
10 Terrifying Backpacker Movies
20 Things to Avoid on your Australian Holiday
Kayaking with Dolphins

Fairytale in New York
Music Rocks My World
‘No Stress’ in the African Caribbean
The Material Girls Guide to Fabulous Las Vegas (Part I)
The Material Girls Guide to Fabulous Las Vegas (Part II)
Ooh, Travel Friend
The Material Girls Guide to Backpacking
5 Crazy Things To Do In KSR
Professional – Not Pouty… The Importance of a Profile Photo

The Universal Language of Dance

Pole-ing All Over The World – Feb 2014 – Thailand
Pole-ing All Over The World – March 2014 – Vietnam
Pole-ing All Over The World – April 2014 – Cambodia
Pole-ing All Over The World – May 2014 – Sydney
Pole-ing All Over The World – June 2014 – Melbourne
Pole-ing All Over The World – July 2014 – Indonesia
Pole-ing All Over The World – August 2014 – The Outback
Pole-ing All Over The World – September 2014 – Summary

Pole Dancing & Travel – Winter 2014 Issue – Print

Sam’s Trip to the  Cook Islands

Traveller’s Ink – Blogger Backchat
eTramping – Interview with a Travelling Material Girl
TripClocker – Female Solo Travel
If we can do it, so can you – Grown up Gap Year
Blogs we love: Meet Totally Sam’s World
The Cosy Traveller – Blog of the Week
Things I Miss About The UK – Flights & Frustration
Travel Blogger Interviews- Sam Starling of TSW
Londoner Abroad – The Pole Dancing Backpacker
Sofia na Australia – Like A Local, Byron Bay

The Island of No Stress

#FlyInLove Competition Results
2013 Carbon Footprint – Travel on Inspiration
BeShades Brand Ambassador
Dear Girls of the World… – P.S. I’m On My Way

Here are a couple of my favourite bloggers and travel sites.
Defo give them a clickedy-click and have a read… These guys rock!

Marley Wanderlust
Confessions of a Free Bird…

South East Asia Backpacker Magazine
Backpacking, Budget & Independent Travel Info for SE Asia

Agness and Cez
etramping, Travelling the world for less than €25 a day

Kyle Goes Global
Globetrotting one step at a time

Frances B
Waves of Change

The Guy
The rants, ramblings and ruminations of a frequent Traveller

Backpacker Banter
Reviews, Advice and Banter for RTW Travel… by a Travelling Surfer

Ricky Carbis
Londoner Abroad, Stories from an unlikely adventurer

Yuppee Magazine
Online news magazine, Music reviews, Film, Travel, Culture, Sport

Carl Forbes
That time in… Travel tales & talk from Europe, Asia & beyond

Just a Scottish Girl, Trying to see the World

Sarah Bennett
Writing about experiences of life and TEFL in China as well as all the travels in between

Emily Ray
The Cosy Traveller

Epic Gap Year
For those who want to live the dream

Toni Woni Travels
Reclaiming my Future

Jack Oldham
The Rambling Northerner

That Naked Travel Chick


  1. Thank you Sam. We feel so privilaged and honoured to be on the list. You are our favourite blogger as well and I can’t wait to see you on the road! Love.

  2. Hi Same, would you be able to add my site, its new and i’m just starting out.

    • *meant SAM! Sorry (*blushing)

      • Hi Helen, yes- no problem. Your site looks really good. What tagline would you like me to use to sum you and your blog up? Are you travelling at the moment? Are you on twitter? Sorry for all the questions! 🙂

  3. oh errr…I’m stumped! I guess ‘the wandering albatross’ will be ok, if thats ok for you? I’m glad you like to site, its only little at the moment but ive got lots in travel journals that I need to add. Thank you so much, I will pay you back as soon as I can. Helen x

  4. Hi Sam, Thank you for your add, i’ve now got a page for my fave travel sites and your the first person I have added x

    • Hi Helen, Happy New Year! You’re very welcome, thank you for including me on your blog, I will keep up to date with it for sure 🙂

  5. Helen, your website is excellent and we would love for you to put us on your website! Our website is Tourist Guide Central ( and we are new also! We are on Twitter also (@touristguidec) and Facebook (

  6. Sam, your website is also excellent (Apologies for the name confusion on my first post but i am doing this from my iPhone)and we would love for you to put us on your website! Our website is Tourist Guide Central ( and we are new also! We are on Twitter also (@touristguidec) and Facebook (

  7. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. I have now added you to my favourite bloggers page. I have had a little look at your website, its really fab 🙂

  8. Sam, I like your site. my wife (Laura) and I are in the process of developing our own travel blog. It would be great if you could mention us on your favs page. Our website is Travel Scarab (, sort of a play on you are following us on twitter (@travelscarab) you can also like us on Facebook (


  9. cool list!! great comunity !
    would you add my new travel blog to the list?
    It’s about traveling in Central America !

  10. Hi Sam
    I want to reach out and compliment on your blog which I found to be very inspiring for those who want to start travelling around the world. I have also noticed that you have linked to other sites and thought my website might be of interest to you and your website visitors.
    My name is Dennis and I work with Preply, and we specialize in bringing tutors and students together online. We receive around 1,000,000 monthly visitors, around 10,000 registered tutors and over 100,000 students that are taking lessons through our platform.

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