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Five Fab Jewellers

My name’s Samantha and I’m totally addicted to jewellery.

Anyone who knows me would be aware that I used to be a complete Tiffany’s snob. All my jewellery arrived to me in a little turquoise box with a big white bow. I had no idea where it was made and I paid ridiculous amounts basically to promote a highly successful brand. Now, I’m not saying that I hate Tiffany’s, but over the past couple of years my jewellery taste has certainly changed. I much prefer more unique pieces that reflect my personality and passions. I love to know where my jewellery has come from and I enjoy getting to know the artist. I like my jewellery to represent a place, a feeling or a time in my life. It’s also nice to know where your money is going; you feel way less guilty purchasing jewellery when you know it’s going towards a child’s future, rescuing street animals or going towards a life long dream, rather than just going into the bank of a multi million dollar businessman.

So I thought I’d share with you five of my favourite handmade jewellers…


Don Biu

So I found these guys online, they are based in sunny Bali. After a few messages back and forward, Katrina and I became friends and she made me a beautiful mandala ring. They only make original designs and have an array of ‘gypsy boho’ goodies to choose from. Don Biu are a married couple who love animals; they frequently take in street cats and dogs and also donate to numerous charities. What a couple of legends!

My Mandala ring in Vanuatu


Goldpan Pete

I found Alex on Instagram and he has made me several unique handmade pieces. He’s based around Queenstown and often has a stall at the local craft market. Alex’s company ‘Goldpan Pete’ is right up my street as he works with some beautiful raw gemstones and has a love for travel. I find his creations unique and exciting.

Beautiful gems made by Goldpan Pete


The Mermaid Collective

I heard about the Mermaid Collective through the Byron Bay Surf Festival and fell in love with the brand after scouting them out on instagram. Victoria makes the most beautiful ocean inspired sterling silver and Nautilus shell jewels. Her designs are so original and beautiful; plus, she gives us all the chance to be mermaids! What’s even better, is that the Mermaid Collective proudly donate a portion of it’s proceeds towards marine conservation!

Mer-scale ring by Mermaid Collective and Goldpan Pete stacking rings


The Jewellers Workshop

Florian’s workshop is here, in beautiful Byron Bay. His showroom is so sparkly and filled with stunning pieces of fine jewellery. Unfortunately I can’t afford most of the stuff in there, but he does also takes custom orders and is happy to make whatever you want. He’s a lovely guy with a real passion for his job. 

‘You’ll find my heart in the Ocean’


Amy Rose Crystal Jewellery

I met Amy through a friend in Byron Bay. Amy spends her time between here and London, making beautiful crystal jewellery from wherever she’s based. She’s an absolute beauty and her jewellery is gorgeous.

Clear Quartz – the Master Healer


So there you go, check them out!

Please note all views are genuine and I have (unfortunately) not been bribed with jewellery!

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