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Georgetown – An Arty, Foodie Wonderland

Georgetown is a cool, quirky little place. It has been listed as a World Heritage site and when you get there, it is obvious why. The town has a really arty feel about it. It’s really old fashioned, with beautiful buildings and intriguing street art everywhere you look.

Love Lane

We stayed in Penang for just 2 nights but I felt like we explored every corner. I really enjoyed getting lost down the tiny side streets and alley ways. Walking down the Clan Jetties gave us an insight into the Malays culture and way of life. Of course we were scammed in to buying tat that we didn’t want, we were in Asia! But do you know what? Buying those 12 postcards that I have never sent proved to be a good idea, as we decided to go on a mini adventure and hunt down all the street art around the city! I loved it. It felt like a real life ‘Where’s Wally’ hunt!
We could have done more during the day… Penang Hill, Temples and a national park, but to be honest, after my Thai Jungle Trek, I never wanted to walk up any type of incline for a long, long time. And I was a little templed out. Exploring the streets of Georgetown is the number one thing to do during your visit for sure, and I definitely made the most out of that!
The Clan Jetties

The Clan Jetties

In the evenings there are some decent places to eat and drink. We ate every meal at the famous Hawker food court. I passed on the fish head curry, but did try some really yummy fried and noodle dishes. (I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to food!) The food court was a lovely Malaysian experience, as all the locals eat there and you really get a taste for their cuisine. The hawker stands offer every type of Asian food imaginable with the added ambience of traditional music, Malay people shouting things you don’t understand and the smell of curries and cooked meat. It was good fun and a great place to people watch. After dinner we normally headed to a Reggae bar to wind down and sink a couple of cocktails. Tough life, hey.
Penang is a really nice little stopover if you are travelling from Thailand down to the Perhentian Islands. Don’t cross it off the list, sometimes the smallest of places offer the most sparkly gems.


  1. I love Georgetown! I visited Penang a few years ago, staying at the gorgeous historic E & O Hotel (which incidentally served the most fantastic hotel breakfast I have ever had). The street food is amazing and it’s a great place to go wandering. Pity you missed Penang Hill. The view from there is outstanding!

    • Oh wow, it sounds like you had a fabulous time and did it properly! The food is amazing, I’m craving it now!!! I’ll just have to go back and visit Penang Hill!

  2. Great little write up Miss! Really glad you enjoyed it there too. I’ve got so many good memories of that place 🙂

    • Thanks Carl. You were a star while I was there, giving me tips and telling me about all the fantastic street art!

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