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The Great Barrier Reef Experience

I’ve finally managed to tick ‘Dive in the Great Barrier Reef’ off my bucket list! Woohoo! Tom and I recently flew to Cairns (courtesy of Passions of Paradise and Tom’s amazing sales skills!) We were put up in a lovely hotel overlooking the Marina and taken on a day trip to the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns itself was not really what I expected. Not that I really knew what to expect to be honest! It’s a tiny place, full of bars and travel agencies. Probably not somewhere I’d choose to be on my holidays, but obviously they have a pretty sweet deal when it comes to visiting the Reef! The Marina surprised me too as it seemed really tiny! I couldn’t quite get over that it served as the main gateway to the Barrier Reef! It’s really beautiful though, the lush greens and mountain backdrop really compliments the landscape.

Our Reef trip started at 8 in the morning. The boat was well maintained and the staff were super kind. Once we set off, we filled out a bunch of safety forms for diving, and then one of the crew members did a safety briefing, which was hilarious!

The sun was shining and we found a spot outside for a cheeky sunbathe. There was plenty of chill out time on the trip.


Michaelmas Cay was the first stop. It’s an absolute paradise, surrounded by beautiful bold colours and the water so calm it looked like glass. Once the boat stopped, each dive group got prepared and the snorkellers set off. Tom and I dived together; it was fun to be there for his first mermaid experience. The visibility was great, about 25m. We didn’t dive too deep, but we saw plenty of marine life, including some Anemone Fish, Starfish and Rays. The Coral was bright and alive, swaying with the soft ocean current. After our dive, we had plenty of time to snorkel, swim or simply lay in the sunshine.

The second site we visited was called Passions Reef and the second dive was even better than the first, there was so much marine life and so many coral paths to explore. We went a bit deeper and the visibility was crystal clear. Snorkelling was equally as amazing, you could see heaps from above. It wasn’t like swimming in champagne either, which was my main worry about the Reef. We didn’t see any other dive groups, which added to the experience.

Although our trip to Cairns was a short one, I feel that we spent our day in the best way possible. It’s always been a dream of mine to dive there and now I can say that I have done it. Next time we visit Cairns I’ll have to check out the Daintree Rainforest!

The one negative thing I would say is that, as amazing as it is, it’s clear to see that it is being worn away at an incredibly rapid rate. We must do all we can to preserve it. It would be utterly heartbreaking if this natural wonder was ruined by carelessness and greed.


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