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The Great Ocean Road

It’s famous for being one of the most scenic drives in the world. But I have to admit; I’ve always wondered how a road can be so exciting? But it really is. The Great Ocean Road is more than a road. It represents an entire coastal region South West of Victoria. And the drive is an absolute beaut.


My advice to you is hire your own car or campervan. Nothing ruins a trip to the Great Ocean Road more than sitting in a coach for the majority of your day with no view, no freedom and a bunch of sweaty tourists. Take the trip at your own pace, stop often and explore.


The stunning scenery starts as soon as you hit Torquay. There’s a nice stop with a grassy patch, great for a picnic! Shortly after getting back in the campervan, Bell’s Beach appears. It’s a beautiful beach and world-renowned for it’s awesome surf. I stood on the viewing deck for ages, watching the surfers ride, and fall off, the waves.


The views on the drive are incredible. You’re driving along a smooth road on jagged cliff edges completely parallel to the turquoise ocean. The sunshine crashing onto the waves, making them sparkle a million times over.



We stopped off at several ‘tourist walk’ spots and beaches during our Great Ocean Road Drive. It’s a great way to stretch your legs and explore the natural beauty Victoria has to offer.


Our first night was spent at the Kennett River. I was particularly excited, as I had heard this is the first place you are likely to see wild Koalas on the Great Ocean Road. I hadn’t yet seen wild Koalas in Australia, and being one of my favourite animals, I suddenly became a child, looking out the window and playing ‘spot the Koala’! In no time I saw a couple of them, chilling out in the trees! One Koala was asleep in the tree above our campervan when we parked up for the night! Exciting stuff, hey.


Can you spot the Koala?


It was my first time in a campervan, so the whole cooking experience was rather entertaining. We forgot to bring any matches, so dinner wasn’t on the cards until an elderly couple saw us struggling and came to our rescue! In the end, our steak and salad meal, in the back of a Jucy van was actually rather enjoyable! Before bed, we lay and watched the starts out of our sunroof. Lucky for us it wasn’t open, as suddenly we had a waterfall of Gary pee cascading onto the roof! I like to call Possoms Gary, I feel like they all look like Gary’s!


The next morning we headed to Cape Otway. Spot the Koala was in full force and we managed to see over 20, just jamming and munching on the green stuff. I felt super lucky to see the animals in their natural environment, looking so content.



“Have you ever, ever felt like this? When strange thing’s happen, are you going round the twist?” This was one of my favourite TV shows as a child, and there it was. The Round the Twist lighthouse! Cape Otway was a great stop on our trip. We learnt about the history of the lighthouse, went to the top and got to check out the awesome scenery around us.



No trip to the GOR is complete without visiting the 12 Apostles. Apart from the fact they should probably rename it the 8 Apostles! But it really was incredible and looked way more impressive than any photo I’ve ever seen. You can walk along the cliff and check out numerous different angles and views of the Apostles, there are plenty of photo opportunities to be had! I’d definitely recommend going for sunset. It’s a good one. You can literally see the sunshine completely disappear behind the ocean in the horizon. The colours that it creates on the rocks are just gorgeous.



Our last night was spent in Port Campbell. Port Campbell reminds me of a tiny seaside town back home. It’s very picturesque, but there is not a great deal to do. But it was nice to just take a walk around and eat fish and chips on the grass.


I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a camping trip down an epically long road, but I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to take a couple of days out of their busy lives, just sit back, soak in some beauty and be ‘at one with nature’!

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