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Hej København!

During my last trip back home in March, I decided to pop over to Denmark to meet up with my little brother who was studying over there.

So what were my first impressions of Copenhagen? It was cold. It was really freaking freeze-my-face-off-cold and I wasn’t ready for those kind of minus temperatures! It was also grey and I was rather convinced that the Captain had just flown us in a big circle and I’d touched back down in England!

I know that I sound quite moany about Copenhagen so far. But that’s going to stop now.

Our hotel was really great, we stayed at the Cabinn City Centre, which was, as the name suggests, right in the city centre. It was really reasonably priced and the staff were super friendly. As a matter of fact, kindness was in abundance in Denmark.

I had noticed that after a walk around the city, it was quite quiet. Tivoli Gardens were closed, which really added to the creepy, abandoned feel! My brother then told me about ‘Hygge’. I had never heard of ‘Hygge’ before, but after learning about it, it’s something I want to adopt in to my life. It’s pronounced ‘Hoo-ga’ and the English translation is ‘cosiness’. Basically, it’s something the Danish do, generally during winter, to keep snug. They tend not to go out and instead spent time with friends and family, in front of a warm fire with hot chocolate, blankets, good food and great conversation. This explained why I found Copenhagen so empty, because everyone was in ‘Hygge’!

It was so lovely to catch up with Joe, who despite being my little brother, is huge. I loved being around my family again and, despite being cold (did I mention that already?) we went on many mini adventures!

We walked a lot, which was great because I also ate quite a few Danish pastries and consumed a large amount of hot chocolate, which was the best I have ever tasted. We visited a beautiful big church with a dome roof, the Royal Palace, bought some lego (obviously) and had a few drinks in some cosy little Danish pubs. We took a stroll to the Little Mermaid; she’s pretty special but I’m not sure she appreciates living right in front of a bunch of power stations! But then again, maybe she’ll find a nice Prince Eric hanging around there?

One morning we headed to the Carlsberg museum which was hilarious. Mainly because my Mum got drunk on one beer and had the giggles, which were contagious. Now we know where I get my lightweight genes from! It was interesting to find out the history of the brewery too. We then took Mum for a nice lunch at Nyhavn (to sober up!). The coloured houses were probably my highlight; they are so quaint and unique. Even on they greyest days, the colours would stand out bright and make you smile. The atmosphere around the water was great and we loved exploring all the little laneways nearby. There are so many hidden gems down the backstreets of Copenhagen.

One evening we decided to wrap up warm and explore the lit up laneways. Copenhagen has a really magic aura at night, it’s so peaceful and just had a really cosy-wintery feel. We came across this awesome restaurant (can’t for the life of me remember it’s name) and were taken into a private dining room that reminded me a bit of Beauty and the Beast, when Lumiere sings ‘be our guest’ in the grand old castle. The food was beautiful and the staff were just as hospitable as the utensils in the Disney film!

Something that really stood out for me were the people. Everyone we came across was ridiculously kind, friendly and helpful. Now I’ve been, I understand why the Danish are some of the happiest people in the world. As a nation, they seem to understand the importance of the simple pleasures in life and make the best of everything.

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