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I Heart New York

New York, New York. What an amazing city. I have been twice now. I don’t like to visit the same place more than once but New York is different, I would go back time and time again. The first time I visited NY I was 17 and with my best friend. We didn’t really make the most out of the trip- it was amazing but we basically spent 3 days getting lost in the shops rather than seeing any sights! So I went back the next year with my Mum (you know parents will make you do all the sights and touristy bits!)
The minute you step off the plane you feel like you are in a movie! Everything is so big and dramatic! And it all feels so familiar. New Yorkers have such fab accents and the ones I met were all so friendly! I can’t get enough of the hussle and bussle of the city, crowds everywhere! So many different cultures in such a condensed space. Manhattan is so accessible and easy to get around, making it perfect to aimlessly wonder and see the sights. The feeling I get in New York is quite magical, like the feeling I got in Disney when I was a child. This leads me nicely onto the shopping. I’m a girl, so naturally I am a professional shopaholic. It is awesome. My magical feeling continues every time I step foot into Tiffany and Co. I am a sucker for Tiffanys. Ever since I was about 5 years old and watched Audrey Hepburn eating the croissant outside fifth I knew that is where I needed to shop! Tiffany and Co on fifth is an experience in itself, it is so classy and makes every woman feel like a princess. I never fail to leave there without a beautiful turquoise box! From niche boutiques to designers- there is something to suit everyone.
Times Square is the place to be. I am a dancer and would love to choreograph a flash mob there! That may have to go on my bucket list! The bright lights and ambience draws you in, hundreds of bars, shops, hotels, restaurants to choose from, and of course the wonders of broadway. I saw Mary Poppins on broadway when I went, would very much recommend it. Unfortunatly both times I’ve been I have been to New York I have been underage so no nightlife to write about I’m afraid! But this is a good excuse to go back, hey!
The sights of New York are well known all over the world. Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty, Rockafella, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire States and the Met museum of Art to name afew! It took me about 5 years to finally get to the top of the Empire States Building but the view was worth it, breathtaking. I do regret not going to the top of the rock- I have heard the view is even better. Make sure you don’t miss out if you go! Central park is beautiful- the contrast of acres and acres of greenery in the middle of this huge city with its famous skyscrapers! I went on a lovely horse and carriage ride in the snow with Mum… Would have been very romantic if we were a couple! We also took boat ride down the Hudson and saw Lady Liberty, all the bridges and the stunning skyline, it was fantastic.


As much as I hate being a tourist you just can’t help it in New York! One night we were booked on an open top bus ride (it was Christmas so we had to do a city lights tour) the night before it hammered it down with a good few foot of snow so when our little bus tour was still going ahead we were pleasantly surprised! We went and sat on this open top roof, (on our own) wrapped up in layers of clothing, sat on plastic bags with big lumps of snow rolling around by our feet. I felt like I was in the atlantic dodging icebergs. It was bloody freezing, but us being British, would not let a little cold weather get the better of us! I think for that 90 minutes we actually went a little crazy. Crying with laughter at the whole situation. But it was good to do! I don’t think I have ever looked more like a mental tourist in my life. And I don’t think I will ever again. But it was fun, and that’s what matters! I could go on and on and on but my fingers now hurt from typing. If you have not been I suggest you get off your ass and book some flights. I am a big fan of NY.



  1. Great photos and post New York is one of those places Im desperate to get too, however have never quite got there. One day though

    • Thank you Peter 🙂 awww you need to get to New York, it’s such an amazing and magical city. Make sure you go just before Christmas- the atmosphere is electric!

  2. New York really is a wonderful city. We’re glad you enjoyed your stay. We hope the next time you visit you’ll stay with us again!

    Eric Bryant
    eCommerce Manager
    The New Yorker Hotel

    • Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you liked the post. New York is fabulous and I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the New Yorker. I will defo be returning! 🙂


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