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Kuala Lumpur

After spending a week in the Perhentian Islands, I took another hellish 10 hour bus ride South to check out what the famous city of Kuala Lumpur had to offer.

As soon as I arrived in KL I knew that I was going to love it. The streets were bustling, even at 6 in the morning, and there was a friendly feeling in the air. The hawker food stations smelt incredible, apart from the one next to our hostel that was selling that hideous durian fruit. Honestly, who actually likes that?

The city itself was much cleaner that I expected. Now, I’m definitely not saying it was clean, but I have been to worse.  The Malaysian people all seemed so nice, and even in between trying not to get scammed and keeping a slither of personal space, I really enjoyed mingling, eating and shopping where the locals would recommend.

Petronas Towers

KL is a great place to explore. There are so many districts and places to get lost, as well as the main attractions and world famous sites. The Petronas towers looked just like the photos, and even more magical at night all lit up. The KL tower gives great views of the city and interesting information about the built up skyline. When I was in the city centre, I didn’t really feel like I was in Asia anymore. It was very built up and commercial, a huge contrast to the suburbs of the city.

The shopping in Kuala Lumpur is incredible. I spent far too much money, so I am not really going to touch on it. I am doing you a favor and saving your pennies. Trust me.

China Town

Whenever I was hungry I headed straight to China town, with it’s hundreds of red and gold lanterns decorating the sky. The market was fun, hundreds of DVDs, genuine-fake Dre Beats galore, and ‘real’ Gucci handbags for sale, right there in the streets! Make sure you hustle with them; you can pick up some bargains! There was this grimy Chinese restaurant on the corner of that took my fancy. And, as nervous as I was about getting sick, the food was fantastic and I kept going back for more! The service was so bad, it was actually funny, and I was never in a rush so it was rather enjoyable being in the middle and watching the chaos! The food outside of China town is just as nice. Anyone who has been to Malaysia would be aware that the local food is mouthwatering good. Try and stick to small, hawker food stands or little local restaurants, the food is way more authentic and much cheaper. I noticed KL had lots of Western food chains, so try and stay clear of them. (Although I am possibly guilty of tucking in to a Nandos during my time in the city. Please don’t judge me!)

Being a bit of a Footy fan, I had to buy tickets to the Barcelona v Malaysia game while I was in Kuala Lumpur. And I don’t regret it at all! What an experience. The Malaysia fans were so excited, and they were all so confused as to whom they should support! They all loved Messi, but also wanted their home country to win (even though that wasn’t going to happen in a million years). The atmosphere at the stadium was electric. It wasn’t hate filled, like games back home. Everyone was there for a good time, and to watch a sport that they enjoyed. I truly felt so lucky to be a part of that. Unfortunately, the way home wasn’t so fun. Long story short, getting a taxi was impossible, there was no public transport running and we were 40km outside of town. Lost, tired and a bit on edge, we ended up having to walk around the deserted streets until 1:30am (yes, that’s 4 hours after the game finished) when we finally got a taxi to take us back to the hostel. I swear taxi drivers are horrible people no matter where in the world you are! But after all that, I ended up talking to a lovely family from the Philippines and trying to communicate with a kind Malay security guard who spend some time of the phones trying to help us get home. What a sweetheart.


KL is a city full of culture, charm, great food, things to do and corners to get lost in.  Put it on the bucketlist right now!

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