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Las Vegas Baby … Take 1

I’m one of those annoying, persistent, passionate people that makes things happen. So. My 21st birthday was going to be all about LAS VEGAS baby! And where other to stay in LV but the stunning Bellagio darrrhling. If you do something, you need to do it properly, hey! Vegas is basically like an adult Disneyworld! So much to see and do and everything is just super exciting! I was a little nervous while waiting to check in at the Bellagio because, being a young couple sometimes I feel that we get looked down upon and not taken too seriously (in the UK this happens regularly) but the staff were so friendly and couldn’t do enough to help make your stay wonderful, thinking about it everybody we came across in Vegas were so friendly. Love the Americans!


I am completely addicted to Twitter (as some of you may know- follow me @Miss_Starling) and the Bellagio even wished me a happy birthday over Twitter. It just takes customer service to a new level. Our room was on the 21st floor with a breath-taking view of the swimming pools and I was even lucky enough to have the manager deliver some birthday chocolates and card to my room on my first night. It was such a lovely touch. The hotel is beautiful, I could not recommend it enough, and the fountains at the Bellagio are a must see in Vegas.
I didn’t want to go to sleep for the entire week because I didn’t want to waste any time! If you haven’t been you can’t quite comprehend how big the strip is and how massive each hotel is. Tom and I got lost in many hotels. MGM I think being the biggest challenge of all! (MGM has a Lion habitat inside it, how cool is that?!) The Venetian actually looks like the spitting image of St Mark’s Square and the ceiling looks like the outside sky with moving clouds. The hotels are just so detailed and each an attraction in itself. I could go on about each one forever but that would be pretty dull. You just need to go to experience them!


New York New York has an awesome looking rollercoaster looping around the outside of it, I wanted to go on all week and finally managed to persuade my partner in crime to come on the ride with me, little did I know he is actually petrified of it. I discovered his fear when he was screaming like a girl the entire time! I recall him shouting “%?*$ this for a biscuit” as we climbed higher for the final drop! It was way more hardcore than I expected it to be but it got the adrenalin pumping!


Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood were the best for shopping! (and the outlet at the end of the strip) but the hotels were amazing. PH has miracle mile. A whole mile of shops, bars and restaurants. It’s pretty much paradise. You guys know how much I love Tiffany’s right? There are 3 Tiffany’s on the strip (eeek!) Caesars and Bellagio even have one in the hotel! (and yes I did purchase beautiful jewellery from both these stores, couldn’t have one being left out now could we?!) The shopping is just so cheap compared to UK prices. Mr MasterCard loved me in Vegas. (even more so the fact someone cloned my card while I was away!) Make sure when you go to Vegas you have plenty of money. Abercrombie will be subliminal messaging you to buy all their clothes, as it did to me.
Picking my favourite hotel would be tough. Bellagio is without a doubt the most elegant, but if I went back I would like to try the Venetian, Planet Hollywood or Caesars. But they all have so many positive factors it’s hard deciding on one!
Here is a little word of warning when walking to the hotels. No matter how many people tell you the walk from TI to Circus Circus is 5 minutes please do not listen to them! It’s about 20, and in scorching 45 degree heat it is not the best 20 minutes of your life! I looked like a wet tomato when I finally arrived at my destination!


The strip is mental. You will be casually walking down it and Minnie and Micky mouse will appear. Not the Disney ones though, the scary pretend ones. You will see big posters for your local gun shop, pink handbag size ones available now? Ah! There are ‘clicky men’ everyone. These men have delightful little cards with beautiful naked woman on them. Very nice but not my cup of tea thank you. By the 3rd day of refusing them I decided to just accept them and make a collection for my male friends and family back home! It was less hassle. The water people. To be fair they saved us on many occasions. “waterrrrr a dollarrrrrrr” just made me giggle the little tunes they made up while singing.


One of my highlights in Vegas was our helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. A-MAZE. Our pilot Rudy was lovely and told us all about the history of LV and he was playing some absolute tunes while flying over the Hoover dam! One of which being the Spice Girls. We then listened to ‘Danger Zone’ as we nose dived into the deepest drop of the rock formation. I am abnormally tiny so I was sat in the middle right next to Rudy and he let me take control of the little steering stick thing (yes, that is the technical name for it) … It is safe to say I am not taking my flying exam anytime soon. If you haven’t been on a helicopter the best way of describing it is like being on a magic carpet. If you have not been so fortunate to have been on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin you can hopefully imagine the sensation I am trying to explain. After an hour soaring through the blue sky in the heat it became apparent that I can sweat from places I never knew sweat could come from. So I was a state but it was so worth it. An experience not to be missed.

Right I shall leave part 1 there, but look out for part 2 very soon… When the sun sets in Vegas!


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