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Las Vegas Baby … Take 2

Las Vegas really comes alive at night. It never sleeps. Ever. And when you go you definitely won’t want to sleep!!! Bright neon lights fill the strip, the warm outside air and beautiful people everywhere you look. Everything seems so glamorous in LV. And I love glam. There seems to be no judgement which I really like, anyone and everyone is accepted for who they are, we all go there for the same reasons- to have fun and let our hair down.
To be honest I don’t feel like we took enough advantage of all the amazing clubs and bars during our stay but it was purely because we were so busy getting lost in the casinos, hotels, watching shows, shopping, sunbathing, driving helicopters and eating!!!


We did end up going to Studio 54, which is the celeb hotspot club in MGM. Thank you to the Bellagio for getting us on that guest list with free entry and queue jump! Some of our friends recommended a visit to the Voodoo lounge at Rio. I am so glad we went. It was lush. Voodoo is a restaurant that is situated at the top of hotel Rio with amazing panoramic views over the strip. The food was a bit posh, I ordered a salad and got a whole lettuce on the tiniest plate, but I was more excited about the cocktail that I ordered that came out in an actual fishbowl. It was bigger than my head. Amaze. Once you finish dinner you step outside in to the open air lounge and upstairs to the club. It was awesome. Raving outside on the roof 51 floors up overlooking the Vegas strip. Can’t really get much cooler than that!


There are so many shows to see in Vegas. If I had the money I would have gone to a different one every night! You can visit TKTS in the entrance of the Flamingo hotel, this is where you need to go to get last minute show tickets at cheap prices. It is brilliant if you are open to the shows you want to see or if you have lots of evenings to choose from but I would recommend booking in advance if you are to a tight schedule or have your heart set on a specific performance. Here is a little overview of the amazing shows we saw (yes, will be jealous and yes, you will want to book a trip to LV to see them)
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ‘O’ a breathtaking acrobatic show at the Bellagio performed in and around water, it really will make you say ‘oooh’ ‘ahhhh’ in the crowd! A fantastic mix of music, drama, dance, acrobatics, synchronised swimming and pure amazingness!


BRITNEY SPEARS, Nicki Minaj and Nervo- we managed to get tickets to see Britney in Vegas! Ahhhh! What an awesome concert. And this is where my love of NM started! They were great performers and the atmosphere was electric.


PEEPSHOW is a classy strip show. Couples go, friends go, families go. It is directed so well that it is not seedy but just a great show. The singing is fantastic (I love Josh Strickland) and the dancers were out of the world. As well as their bods to be fair! Holly Madison is little bo peep and the story is about her innocence and the naughty adventures she experiences through the different fairytales!


Old Town LV is where it all begun. It is here you will find Fremont Street and the vintage hotels such as the Four Queens and Golden Nugget. You can also check out the famous lighty-up waving cowboy, Vegas Vic. (although he is too old to wave now, maybe his arms ache, bless him) We had a little venture down Fremont one evening, it has such a good vibe about it. Be sure to check out the Light show too on the ceiling! The lasers and neon’s are choreographed to music and it the whole place erupts. Really good fun.


I’m not going to lie, I am no Titanic Thompson but in Vegas I did become a bit of a gambling addict! I wasn’t exactly in the high flying casinos betting €1000 a go but it is super addictive! The slots are so much fun and as Charlie Sheen would say I was most certainly #WINNING! Tom and I got massively hooked on the Monopoly slots in the Bellagio. I still actually get withdrawal symptoms occasionally! We spend many hours watching that little silver doggy run around the board. It even got to the point where if there was a ‘newbie’ on the machine we would get frustrated because they weren’t contributing their all!!! Ha. Did try a spot of Roulette and Blackjack but the slots seemed to pay more! My favourite casinos were the Bellagio, Caesars, PH and the Palms. Even if you aren’t a keen gambler you should try it in Vegas, when in Rome…
You get such a buzz when you are gambling, I can see how it would get dangerous! But lucky for me I still prefer spending my money shopping!


Food in the US of A doesn’t come in halves. I’m only small, I don’t eat much, but there was always plenty to choose from. I won’t go on too much but a few decent places to go are as follows. Mon Ami Gabi- Hotel Paris. It’s a gorgeous a la carte French restaurant that overlooks the fountains, perfect for a bit of romance. There is a cool sports bar in PH where the waitresses dress as cheerleaders, good food and keeps the boys quiet. The cheesecake factory in Caesars is amaze. Voodoo in Rio for dinner is a must. Any of the restaurants in the Bellagio are top notch and for breakfast anywhere that sells Mexican! Yes, I did say that. I had Mexican for breakfast. How awesome is that! Love a bit of mik-e-kan!
If you are thirsty head to ‘Fat Tuesdays’ where you can buy yourself a yard long alcoholic slush puppies. Get involved is all I can say.

Now, I think It is embarrassing story time … I shall start by sharing with you, Las Vegas is the place I realised I was dairy intolerant. I didn’t know this at the time and I am a massive fan of cheese. All week I had slight problems but it was this one night where I lost my dignity! I was being oh so classy and purchasing a bracelet in Tiffany’s when I felt it. You know when you ignore tummy pain it, it goes away for a few minutes and then BAM, It comes back with a vengeance. I had to leave my boyfriend and my jewellery in the shop and explain I would have to be back in a minute. Rather cringe. I managed to complete my shopping experience and from the 3 minute walk to the lift it started again. I like to think of myself as quite ladylike, but that night, taking my stilettos off, hoiking up my dress, sprinting down the hotel’s 5* corridor in order to get in to my bathroom, I doubt that was the impression I gave off! Such a classy bird ay. It happens to the best of us!

Thanks for reading my LV blog. I could not recommend Vegas enough, I absolutely loved every minute of it and I think that everyone needs to experience the craziness at least once in their life!



  1. Love it!! We love Vegas so much we took two different road trips in 2012 and made stops in Vegas both times! There is so much to do, it’s always a good time!

    • Vegas is so awesome! What’s your favourite thing to do when your there? Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

      • One of my favorite things in Vegas is people watching. There are so many crazy people out there, it’s fun to watch them as we walk along the strip casino hopping. We did do the Grand Canyon, but took a separate trip to the Southern Rim (via Flagstaff, AZ). It was absolutely breathtaking.

        • People watching in LV is so much fun- you’re so right. So many walks of life, and ‘unique’ characters! Your trip sounds fab, any plans to go back?

  2. Las Vegas is my favorite place on earth. I have been there more times than I can count and I’ll be back again in just 23 days. I cannot wait to be walking on Fremont Street early morning before everyone wakes up and having it all to myself.


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