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Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Hopping on a plane is obviously the easiest and quickest way to travel. I love that airport buzz, it gets me all excited, like a child! The feeling when you are up in the sky looking down on the world is just amazing. Everything seems so tiny (well, apart from the Ocean, that’s pretty large) The only problem with flying is you don’t see much of the countries you are visiting. It just gets you from A to B.

Sometimes it’s nice to see a bit more of the landscape and travel through different cities and countries on the ground. It takes longer but you can daydream while looking out the window, watching the world go by. It’s a good way to see the real world and how the other half live. To be honest I haven’t travelled by train much. Only really in the UK. If you haven’t been- the London underground is certainly an ‘experience’! ‘Please mind the gap’! I have also been to France a couple of times on the Eurostar but there is not really much to look at while you are under the sea in a tunnel. When I first went on the shuttle when I was little, I remember I was absolutely petrified because I believed that the tunnel was made of glass and it may break if the sharks swum into it hard enough (because sharks live in the channel) Bless me, isn’t little Sam cute.
I am actually going to Amsterdam by train on Monday. It takes ages but I am quite looking forward to it. We have to change in Brussels. May get a chance to go for a coffee and walk around the city for a little while to break up the journey. I will let you know how that works out!

When I go travelling I am really excited for the train journeys. We hope to go from Bangkok to Chaing Mai by rail and then down the coast of Vietnam. I have heard lots of stories about these journeys! They sound like fun… have you travelled around Asia by rail? How was it?! Be honest…!

How about travelling by road? Everyone loves a road trip! Again, I need to get more involved! I haven’t been on many exciting road trips. Driven around the UK a bit but motorways are not the most captivating views!
Now, who remembers the ash cloud in 2010?! Wow, wasn’t that fun?! I worked for Thomson’s at the time and it was a mare. So many distraught holiday makers who’s flights were being cancelled. To be fair though, as much as I’d be upset, I’d rather my flight be cancelled than take off and crash because on engine failure!
While the volcano was forming a nice plane-hating cloud of ash, I was on standby for my season aboard. I was dead excited about spending my summer in Barcelona, but my flights kept being cancelled. Our training was meant to be in Benidorm (HA) but it ended up being in Leicester (There is no sticky Vicky there- sadtimes!) and in the end, after a week of cancelled flights we were told we could be travelling to Spain by coach. COACH!!! To be honest, I don’t remember too much of the journey, it seemed to last for years. I was just dozing in and out of consciousness! At the time it was not fun. But I guess now it was a giggle. We saw a whole lot of France and Spain that’s for sure. There were about 40 under 25’s so we did have a bit of a party at some points too! And it was a great way of getting to know everyone and ‘bonding’. I guess that is a pretty funky road trip.

I would love to take a trip down the Route 66 in the USA and when I jet off to Australia next year I really would love to hire a camper van and just drive down the whole of the East coast. It sounds like so much fun and most certainly an adventure. Hopefully I will be able to turn my experiences into stories that we can tell in years to come.

If any of you lovely fellow travellers have some cool plane, train and automobile stories then do share, I’d love to hear x


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