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Red Lights and UV Bikinis

They say when in Rome… So when in Dam you need to get high and sexy.

There are too many people in the world who turn their nose up at fun. I am very open minded, I don’t think anything could shock me!

A visit to the sex museum is worth it just for the crack. I thought it may be rather educational. But, it wasn’t. Just lots of scary, hairy life size models and photos. Oh, and a giant penis (for a classy photo opportunity) It’s only €4 and doesn’t take long to walk around, so make sure you squeeze it in!

To be honest I was surprised at the lack of prostitutes when in the red light district! Obviously there were quite a few, and I was never going to use their services, but from what people have said to me about the strip I was expecting billions, and I was rather let down! Some of them are really beautiful (some are mega rough), it’s a bit sad when you think about the possible reasons why they are there, some of them are probably pretty dark. If they are doing it off their own back though, fair play, it’s a good little earner! While we were walking down the RLD we actually saw one guy get turned down by a prostitute. Rather entertaining, I think he needs to re-evaluate his life. The women usually wear UV bikinis, and you can’t help looking. I kept catching eye contact with them and smiling, thought I’d be polite.

Tom and I decided to see a show one night. I won’t go too in to depth… but let’s just say I have no idea how they ever find out they can even do these things. I’ve never felt the need to put a permanent marker ‘there’ and write on a man’s chest! It was rather seedy but one of those things you have to do! If you do, go to the Moulin Rouge rather than the little booths full of men pleasuring themselves. That’s nobody’s idea of fun.

Before the show we decided to visit a coffee shop. They are not hard to miss in Amsterdam. Just follow the smell. I have never done any drugs in my life, I’m pretty innocent and uneducated when it comes to that, but I do love the smell of weed! It’s amazing. I don’t smoke so decided to have a cheeky brownie. It was rather fun, we had a giggle. Then I got paranoid and couldn’t sleep. I think I may stick to drinking cocktails in future!

It was fun seeing the ‘naughty’ side of the Dam. It’s worth doing if you go, just to say you have been there, done that, and got the mental scarring of a woman putting a banana in her bits and getting men to eat it. Delightful!

Ps. Sorry for the lack of photos, they would have been slightly inappropriate.


  1. Joanne Skinner /

    LOL sam, when you say just for the crack, you mean CRAIC. It’s irish! unless you were intentionally writing crack…

    • HA. I didn’t think it looked right. Oh well. I’m keeping it crack. Like crack cocaine. Blonde day x


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