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Sam’s Sunday Snap

Can anybody guess where this building is located and what it is?! It is one of my favourite places in one of my favourite cities… Do you know where this photo was taken? Just drop me a comment… Unfortunately I don’t have a prize for the correct answer, but you will get that warm tingly feeling knowing that you were right! Happy Sunday x


… You guys are good at this. This photo was taken in the big apple, NYC. At my favourite shop, Tiffany & Co.


  1. No clue. I know it’s in America… hmmmm you like shopping so I assume it’s a shopping mall:D

  2. I think I know this, but only from watching Glee….
    Tiffany’s, New York?

  3. Yes it’s tiffanys!! 🙂

  4. Tiffanys New York. Showing Henry Frederick Metzler’s Man of Atlas (1853). Carved of Wood and painted to look like weathered bronze.
    Did a project on it.
    Massive nerd.

  5. Yay! You guys rock, it’s Tiffanys, NY!!! Mike- I love your geekyness!

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