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Sexy Seven

Here are my top pick city tips for New York… I don’t think your trip will be complete without experiencing and visiting the following places.

Ten seems too much, but Five not enough… I hope you enjoy my Sexy Seven!


1) Go for cocktails in Times Square


2) Get a boat along the Hudson and sail past the beautiful Statue of Liberty


3) Buy lots of sparkly jewellery at Tiffany and Co (If you can’t afford it, like me, you can always pretend. Or use Mr Mastercard)… Make sure you also check out the other great stores, such as Macy’s, Victoria’s Secrets, American Eagle, Bloomingdales and Abercrombie!


4) Get spontaneous tickets from TKTS to a Broadway show


5) Overlook the stunning Big Apple up the Empire States Building and the Top of the Rock.


6) Take a romantic walk around Central Park, you can also hire bikes… or if you are feeling really cheesy get a horse and carriage ride and feel like royalty!


7) Go to the MoMA… Heard really good reviews and I’m sure it would be really interesting. I haven’t been yet but it is a good excuse to go back!

*This is not the MoMA, but it is a cool arty statue!*

…New York has so much more to offer this was super hard picking just 7!
Make sure you explore every corner of the city!

If you have any anything to add please just leave a comment.

It would be nice to hear all about your favourite things to do.


  1. The Guy /

    That is a nice selection there. When I visited I made a point of also going to Wall Street and the UN.

    Whilst I can’t remember the name of the hotel (it is close to the discounted theatre ticket booth) you can go to a revolving restaurant close to Time Square. It takes around an hour to fully go round but it is such a relaxing way to take it all in.

    • Thank you. We drove past Wall Street but nothing more, was it interesting? Oh wow that sounds amazing- I will have to go back!!! New York is amazing. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      • The Guy /

        I was there on a Saturday so most things were closed. It was more a thrill for me to see it. I was also able to take it all in and it was just a few months prior to the global financial crisis.

        The bull statue is also a great tourist spot at the top of the road. Loads of people have their picture taken with it. Weirdly some people have their picture taken at the back rather than the front of the bull.

        My comment is a pleasure. I like popping by and enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

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