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Sexy Seven

Here are my top pick city tips for Bangkok… I don’t think your trip will be complete without experiencing and visiting the following places.

Ten seems too much, but Five not enough… I hope you enjoy my Sexy Seven!

1) Eat at the fabulously decorated Cabbages and Condoms restaurant


2) Visit the Reclining Buddha


3) Take a walk around the Grand Palace


4) Go to the local Markets, there are plenty to choose from, and don’t forget the floating market!


5) Dice with death on a Tuc Tuc ride


6) Relax at one of Bangkok’s many massage parlours (Pure bliss. Just don’t get naked…)


7) Drink cocktails at the Sky Bar, on the roof of the Lebua. You get breath taking views of the city. It’s amazing.


If you have any anything to add please just leave a comment.

It would be nice to hear all about your favourite things to do.


  1. Floating market looks chaotic! Love it!

    • I didn’t actually go last time, but it’s on the list next month for sure, looks brilliant fun! 🙂

  2. I’ve tried a few of those but never heard of the Cabbage and Condom place. When I went to Bangkok I remember the Central Shopping Centre but I think a lot of that was destroyed during the political riots. Hopefully it has been restored now.

    • Aww that’s a shame, I shall see if it has been restored when I go back next month. Cabbages and Condoms is awesome. Beautifully decorated and the best Green Curry ever!

  3. The taxiboat from siam (round the corner of siam paragon) to khao san road… feels as if you`re in a log fume ride, my number one!!… And Khao san road?! Might sound tacky and too obvious, but I think the vibe there is priceless..The Sukhumvit area at night, soy sowboy particularly.. If you`re a daredevil, your BK experience isn`t complete unless you have seen a pingpong show (or salamiball show)…Chinatown (beautiful, free, temple at the entrance) and I also love the Silom area at night! Oh and , there`s a tropical swimming pool on top of a shopping mall on the outskirts of the city.. In that same mall you can also rent a cubicle to enjoy some “private karaokes singing”.. and there really were people in them, all alone, singing their hearts out with no one listening.. This place is perfect to learn about all the eccentric qualities city-Thai people have. I`ve been in Bangkok so many times, took me a week to fall in love with it.. and every time I`m there, I discover new things. Ps.. love your blog!

    • Thank you Inja for your great comment! Bangkok is such an amazing city! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. Keep in touch, happy travels!

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