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Sexy Seven

Here are my top pick city tips for London… I don’t think your trip will be complete without experiencing and visiting the following places.

Ten seems too much, but Five not enough… I hope you enjoy my Sexy Seven!


1) Watch the street performers in Covent Garden, there are also some fabulous shops and boutiques.

Street performer in Covent Garden, London

2) Chill out in Harrods Food Court with a Hot Chocolate, Darrrrrrling!


3) Be a proper tourist and get a on a big red bus tour, it is the best way to get your bearings of the city and see the sites. Make sure you hop off at the Science and Natural History Museums!

Red Bus

Nat History

4) Enjoy a trip on the London Eye, take a camera to capture the amazing view!

London Eye

5) Watch a musical in the West End. They are all amazing but my personal favourites are The Lion King, Les Miserable, Singing in the Rain and Mamma Mia.

Les Mis

6) Go to Buckingham Palace, see the guards with their funny hats and take a walk in the park.


7) Just outside of London, you can visit the Harry Potter Studios Tour. You get to go behind the scenes of the amazing HP movies… secrets will be revealed!

Harry Potter

If you have any anything to add please just leave a comment.

It would be nice to hear all about your favourite things to do.


  1. Love that Harry Potter made the list!!!

    But I have to ask – no love for Wicked? I’ve seen all the musicals you’ve listed and after Les Mis, I thought Wicked was really awesome!

    • HP always makes the list, such a Harry Geekette! I’ve seen Wicked and thought it was really fabulous, but personally nothing blows Les Mis and the Lion King out the water! There is some love there for Wicked, promise 😉

      • Yay fellow Harry Potter geekette here too! Still bummed about not getting my Hogwarts letter!

        On a completely random note, I’ve always thought they should build a Hogwarts and let students “study abroad” for a semester! That would be amazing!

  2. I’ve been to London so many times but I was never a proper tourist to get a on a big red bus tour :)))), but I enjoyed shopping at Harrods instead!:)

  3. Thanks for following us on Twitter! Some really good ideas for London trips here, though we would recommend two other places: Greenwich if you like history and architecture, and Shoreditch if you like edgy, trendy bars and nightlife!

    If you or your readers are looking for inspiration on what to see and do on future travels, please take a look at our free, personalised city guides!

    Happy travelling!

    Chris @

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