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Simple Life Poem

I want a simple life.

A life full of love & compassion.

A life of exploration and adventure.

A life that makes me laugh until my face aches;

where my tears release my fears.

A life that enables me to feel and to grow.


I want to lay under the stars,

with friends and strangers;

talking about nothing but everything.

I want to swim in the sea,

To get lots in the wilderness.


I want to feel the sun on my skin,

To lose myself in the music.

I want to listen and speak my truth.

To always stand up for what I believe.


Existence doesn’t need to be complex.

Simplicity doesn’t have to be humdrum.


All I want is a simple life.

A life that allows me to

Open my eyes and truly

appreciate what I have.


– Samantha Starling, September 2017


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