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This Year In Sam’s World – 2015

Every year I think that we should keep notes of all the exciting things that happen throughout the 12 months and come the end of December, we can reflect on what we have achieved and experienced. Here is a little summary of Sam’s 2015 year in Travel…

January– What better way to start the year than a trip to Wine Country? I took a bus down to the Hunter Valley for a weekend to see Hannah and we spent a couple of days soaking up the lush green scenery and drinking copious amounts of wine. Happy 2015!

February– Hannah left to go back to the UK which was pretty sad but we spent our last full day together skydiving, which was an epic send off! I’d always wanted to Skydive and February was the time for getting that ✓ on the bucketlist! The feeling of free-falling out a plane at 14,000 ft over Byron Bay is one that is difficult to put in to words. Absolutely breathtaking.

March– We hired a Kombi and drove to a sleepy seaside town called Yamba, around an hour South of Byron Bay. I felt like a proper tree hugger in the VW but embraced it; waving and beeping at everyone we drove past! I’m fairly sure the rest of March was spent on the beach sunbathing.

April– 2 years on the road! It feels like forever ago I left home yet it’s gone so fast and I feel that I’ve done so much! April was the month I pole danced on a tree and cut my leg really badly… silly I know, but I got a great snap, so it was okay! Tom’s Mum also came to stay with us, she loved Byron and is coming back next year!

May– Low key, busy saving for June’s trip to the South Pacific!

June– The best month of the year; my birthday month! We choose to take an epic trip to the Cook Islands and then road trip the North Island of New Zealand. The Cook Islands were absolutely incredible; we trekked across the island, visited the paradise that is Aitutaki, partied with the Cook Islands Tourism crew and dived in the South Pacific waters. New Zealand was freezing but such a beautiful country. We went black and white water rafting, drunk $40 per glass wine on Waiheke Island and failed miserably at digging a hole at 5am on Hot Water beach! June was a fun month; I turned a quarter of a century and managed to tick a few things off my bucketlist at the same time; Attend a Dance Class in the South Pacific ✓ Find Paradise ✓ Watch the Huka in New Zealand ✓

Also, one of my best friends from home decided to move to Brisbane. WIN.

July– Still not a fan of Australian winter; it drops to around six degrees and I’m freezing. Not sure how I’ll ever go back home to England! We booked another trip to the Cook Islands too, the flights were on sale and we were cold! It’s Whale season in the Bay so lots of sunny afternoons spent watching them breach from the Lighthouse.

August– 2 years in Australia! “Good on ya, Mate!” Tom and I moved out of our share house and got our own little one bedroom place, which is bliss. We also visited Fraser Island for the weekend which was fun. We went on the Fraser Explorers 2 day/1 night trip and spent a couple of days swimming in crystal clear lakes and four wheel driving along huge sand dunes!

I feel like August was a pivotal month in my life. I tried clinical hypnotherapy and I feel like it really gave me the push I needed to change certain aspects of my life and way of thinking. August was when I really started to embrace where I’m living and what I want from my life. I still don’t fully know, but I’m heading in the right direction!

Oh yeah, I also went veggie! #hippie

September– Another low key month, trying to frantically save for the Cook Islands, round two!

October– Pole Dance at the most Easterly point of Australia ✓ The sunrise was a stunner. It had also been ages since we’d been to the city, so we thought a quick trip to Sydney was in order. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge ✓ As much as I love the city, I’m quite enjoying not living in one at the moment! Another trip to the Cook Islands… don’t mind if we do! This time, we completely chilled out in Rarotonga. It was the relaxing break we needed; It’s always good to completely zone out from life, even just for six days.

November– My boss sent Kate and I to Efate in Vanuatu for the weekend as a cheeky Christmas pressie, which was lovely. I hit my target of 25 countries and 25 years old, woohoo! Thanks for the Country for Christmas Margie!

December– I had a beautiful Mandala tattoo done and found out one of my best friends from home got engaged! How exciting! I enjoyed a relaxed Christmas with Byron pals, yummy food and a beautiful beach sunset walk. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Falls Festival to welcome in 2016.

2015 has been a great year; I feel like I’ve grown so much (not in height unfortunately) and I’m totally embracing a healthier and happier way of life.

I’m not sure what 2016 is going to bring, but I am excited for change; new travels, adventures and experiences.

“There is no set path, just follow your heart”

Beach Walks

What have you done this year? Feel free to comment, it’s always good to sit back, reminisce and share your stories with others.


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