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Totally Travel Talk with Kristyn

Today I am talking to my beautiful friend Kristyn. Our paths crossed back in Sydney in December 2013 and we instantly became friends for life. Kristyn and her husband, Joe, decided to quit their jobs in Canada last year to follow their dreams and travel. They are currently living in New Zealand, but shortly continuing their adventures… who knows where it will take them. Let’s find out Kristyn’s views on travel…

What made you discover your passion for Travel

I have never lived in the same place for more than 5 years so exploring new places has always been a part of my life and I love the carefree feeling of exploring somewhere new. 

Where do you call home and where are you based at the moment?

Home is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Currently have been in New Zealand for the past 6 months and just a few weeks away from another adventure.

Where is your most favourite place in the world and why? (that you have been to so far)

This is a tough one… but the island Maui in Hawaii still is so dear to my heart. It has a magical feel to me that I can’t quite explain. 

What 5 things could you not travel without?

1) Bathing suits! 

2) Sunscreen

3) Sarong

4) Camera

5) Floss!!! 

Are you a daredevil? What is the craziest thing you have done while travelling?

Skydiving, bungee/hurling myself off cliffs, white water rafting! The funniest part is I am always still petrified BEFORE HAND every single time. 

What are the next 3 things you want tick off on your bucket list? 

Italy, Croatia and Costa Rica! 

Tell us about your most recent trip to South East Asia… What did you love and what would you do differently next time?

I loved Vietnam and thought I had left my heart there but then Malaysia ended up being my favourite. Next time I would make sure all my tops and bottoms matched in terms of packing, as well as pre-booking flights to save money!

Have you ever done any volunteer work? If so, what was a typical day in the life? Would you recommend it to others?

In Malaysia there is an adorable island called Tioman where I volunteered at a place called the Juara Turtle Project. My husband and I went for a week and stayed for a whole month! There we did turtle conservation talks, collected and protected eggs from turtle nests until they hatched and then ensured all the baby turtles made it safely to the ocean. Each day has a new activity from cooking to beach-clean-up to trekking. They even have kayaks and snorkel gear for use. I would definitely recommend it to others as a great place for voluntourism. 

If you could give another traveller three important words of advice, what would they be?

Explore everywhere possible! 

Do you think travel helps you on your journey of self discovery? Where is the most ‘healing’ place that you have visited?

I think travel definitely helps with self discovery and learning about the ever-changing versions of yourself! It opens your mind and exposes you to so many things you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience. It’s something I would recommend to everyone because there are infinite lessons to be learned! The most healing place I have visited was Byron Bay actually and Totally Sam’s World was the perfect local tour guide!

Do you have any new travel plans currently in the pipeline? 

After heading back to Malaysia the opportunities are plentiful. So many boxes to tick but not quite sure where the road leads. 

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Hopefully in 10 years I will have a couple children and live my dream of summering in Alberta, Canada and wintering somewhere warm that feels like home.

Quick Fire Faves

City – Ka’anapali, Maui
Beach – Juara Bay
Airline – Air New Zealand
Accent – Posh British, definitely
Food –  Noodles!
Cocktail – Gin & Tonic
Movie – Matilda
Travel Quote – “The trouble is you think you have time.”
Thank you for taking part in Totally Travel Talk on Totally Sam’s World, safe and happy travels!

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