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Travel Goals


✓ Be Blessed by a Monk – Completed 2013 in Cambodia
✓ Become a Certified Freediver – Completed 2017 in the Maldives
✓ Become TEFL Certified – Completed 2014 in Australia
✓ Be Serenaded in a Gondola – Completed 2010 in Italy
✓ Black Water Rafting  – Completed 2015 in New Zealand
Complete a Yoga Course in India
Climb a Mountain – Completed 2016 in Australia
✓ Dive in the Great Barrier Reef – Completed 2014 in Australia
✓ Get a Tattoo on my Travels – Completed 2013 in Australia
Get Henna – Completed 2017 in UAE
✓ Get my PADI Open Water Qualification – Completed 2013 in Thailand
✓ Get Published – Completed 2012 Online and 2014 in Print
✓ Go Bobsledding – Completed 2016 in USA
Go Hang Gliding
✓ Go Skinny Dipping –
Completed 2016 in Australia
✓ Have Ayurveda Treatment  – Completed 2015 in Australia
Learn to Silversmith – Completed 2017 in Australia
✓ Learn to Ski – Completed 2016 in US
✓ Live and Work in a Foreign Country – Completed 2010 in Spain
Purchase a Sari
Purchase Mala Beads in India
✓ Shipwreck Dive –
Completed 2013 in Malaysia
✓ Skydive – Completed 2015 in Australia
Speak Fluent Spanish
Start my own Business
✓ Surf Completed 2017 in Australia
 Volunteer for a Good Cause – Completed 2017 in Australia
✓ White Water Rafting – Completed 2015 in New Zealand
✓ Zipline Through the Jungle – Completed 2013 in Thailand


✓ Backpack  – Completed 2013 in South East Asia
✓ Camp in the Outback – Completed 2014 in Australia
✓ Camp in the Rainforest – Completed 2012 in Thailand
Fly First Class
✓ Homestay in Asia – Completed 2013 in Thailand
Homestay in South America
Ride the Bullet Train
Ride the Rocky Mountaineer
Ride the Trans Siberian Railway
Road Trip Route 66
Sleep on a Deserted Beach
Spend Winter in a Cosy Lodge
Stay in an Overwater Bungalow
Travel on a Sea Plane
✓ Travel on a Sleeper Bus – Completed 2013 in Vietnam
✓ Travel on a Sleeper Train – Completed 2013 in Thailand


✓ Attend a Polynesian Dance Class – Completed 2015 in the Cook Islands
✓ Be Part of a Flash Mob – Completed 2017 in Australia
✓ Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival  – Completed 2013 in Laos
✓ Celebrate my 21st Birthday in Las Vegas – Completed 2011 in USA
Christmas Markets
✓ Dance Gangnam Style in Asia – Completed 2013 in Laos
✓ Dance in the Snow in Times Square – Completed 2009 in USA
Dance the Salsa in Cuba
Dance the Samba in Brazil
Dance the Tango in Argentina
✓ Full Moon Party – Completed 2013 in Thailand
Go to Carnival in Brazil
Go to Día de Muertos
Go to Eurovision Live
Go to Holi
Go to La Tomatina
Go to the Glastonbury Music Festival
Go to the Grand Prix in Monaco
Learn Flamenco Dance in Spain
Learn Belly Dance in the Middle East
Sing Karaoke in Japan
✓ Spend Christmas Day on the Beach – Completed 2014 in Australia
✓ Spend New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour – Completed 2013 in Australia
Spend an Evening in a New Orleans Jazz Club
Spend St Patrick’s Day in Ireland
Watch a Football Game at Barcelona’s Nou Camp
✓ Watch a Musical on Broadway – Completed 2009 in USA
✓ Watch a Show at the Sydney Opera House – Completed 2013 in Australia
Watch the Ballet in Russia
✓ Watch the Huka in New Zealand – Completed 2015 in New Zealand
✓ Watch the Opera in Venice – Completed 2012 in Italy


✓ At the Top of the Empire States Building – Completed 2008 in USA
✓ Cartwheel on Maya Bay – Completed 2012 in Thailand
✓ Climb St. Peter’s Basilica Cupola – Completed 2007 in Vatican City
✓ Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge – Completed 2015 in Australia
✓ Cruise Ha Long Bay – Completed 2013 in Vietnam
✓ Drive the Great Ocean Road – Completed 2014 in Australia
Experience the Aurora Borealis
✓ Find ‘Paradise’ – Completed 2015 in the Cook Islands
Fossick for Gemstones
Get up Close to Iguazu Falls
✓ Go inside the Colosseum – Completed 2007 in Italy
✓ Go up the Eiffel Tower – Completed 2001 in France
✓ Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride – Completed 2011 in USA
Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s
✓ Honeymoon in the Maldives – Completed 2017 in the Maldives
Kiss the Blarney Stone
✓ Kiss Under a Waterfall – Completed 2013 in Thailand
Marvel at the Taj Mahal
Pay Respect at the USS Arizona Wreck
✓ Pay Respect at Uluru  – Completed 2014 in Australia
✓ Ride a Trolley in San Francisco – Completed 2013 in USA
Selfie with Christ the Redeemer
Swim in Bioluminescent Ocean
Swim in the Blue Lagoon
Swim in the Devil’s Pool
Take Silly Photos on the Salt Flats of Bolivia
✓ Throw €1 in the Trevi Fountain – Completed 2007 in Italy
Visit Alcatraz
Visit Every Walt Disney Theme Park in the World
Visit Machu Picchu
Visit Santa in Lapland
Visit the Chichen Itza
Visit the Pyramids
Walk the Camino de Santiago
Walk on the Great Wall of China
✓ Watch the Sunrise Over Angkor Wat – Completed 2013 in Cambodia


✓ Cultural Cooking Class –
Completed 2013 in Thailand
✓ Drink a Bellini at Harry’s Bar – Completed 2012 in Italy
✓  Drink Guinness In Dublin – Completed 2010 in Ireland
Drink Kava at a Kava Ceremony
✓ Drink a Singapore Sling at Raffles – Completed 2013 in Singapore
✓ Drink Sangria on Las Ramblas – Completed 2008 in Spain
Drink Tea at a Tea Ceremony
✓ Drink Wine in Wine Country – Completed 2015 in Australia
✓ Eat a Brownie in Amsterdam – Completed 2012 in The Netherlands
✓ Eat at the World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant – Completed 2014 in Hong Kong
✓ Try Kopi Luwaki – Completed 2013 in Indonesia


✓ Cuddle a Koala – Completed 2014 in Australia
✓ Dive with Manta Rays – Completed 2017 in the Maldives
✓ Dive with Sharks – Completed 2014 in Australia
Find a Dragon in Komodo
Go on Safari and see the ‘Big 5’
✓ Go Whale Watching – Completed 2014 in Australia
Hug an Alpaca
Husky Ride Through the Snow
✓ Make Elephant Friends – Completed 2013 in Thailand
Meet a Polar Bear in the Wild
✓ Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean – Completed 2013 in Indonesia
Ride a Horse Through a Vineyard
Selfie with a Wild Quokka
Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands
Spot Wildlife in the Amazon
Swim with Humpback Whales in the Wild
Swim with Piggies in the Bahamas
Swim with Whale Sharks in the Wild
Swim with Dolphins in the Wild
✓ Swim with Sea Turtles in the Wild – Completed 2013 in Malaysia
Trek with Gorillas
Work on a Wildlife Conservation Project


  1. Hey, Sam! Bumped to your website after reading eTramping’s recent post. Saw your last line on the bucketlist: Island Hop in Indonesia. Well I’m a native and currently am living in Bali, let me know when you make it here. At the moment I am migrating my travel blog that I’ve made since 2008 to a new ‘house’, Tourisia Trails ( Later you can see more posts about my country. Alright, keep traveling and writing!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 oh wow that’s awesome, I will let you know when I come to Bali, hopefully July time 2013. Thanks for your link I will have a read. Take care.

  3. Hey that’s super cool! You don’t often see people’s bucket lists like this! I should post mine 😀

  4. Wicked idea…. I’ve had mine on a scrap of paper for years, perhaps now it’s time to publish it on my blog too! Keep ticking those off Sam. 🙂

  5. Thank you, oh that’s cool, you should defo publish it, let me know when you post it- I will check it out! I will keep it up for sure 🙂

  6. great list Sam….will have to add a few more to mine now….DAMMIT! 😛

  7. That is a long list with amazing things to do! 🙂

  8. Dudette…. your list needs WAY more South America!!! 😀
    Also, the publishing bit… check out Vagabundo Magazine

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 where in South America would you recommend? I’m looking to go after Asia/Aus. And thanks for the publishing tip. I’m currently working on posts for Yuppee Mag too 🙂 wooo!

  9. Great list,. Next on mine, Svalbard, Everest base camp, trek Machu Picchu & a Christmas in NY! if coming to Aus, you should add the Bungle Bungles in the NorthWest!

    • Thank you. Oh wow that sounds amazing. Peru is meant to be just stunning. And I am a sucker for NY. You will love it! Keep me updated on your travels!

  10. I too, want to go to Brazil to see the Christ the Redeemer. Let me know how it is if you get there before I do.

    • It looks fantastic doesn’t it. Haha I will do, same to you if you get there first!

  11. I LOVE reading other people’s bucket lists, I always add about 10 of them to my own – such a great idea to tick them off on your blog. I’d love to become fluent in Chinese, one of the hardest ones I think, to become bilingual. Good luck with completing them all!

    • Oooh which ones did you add? Thank you. Good luck too, being fluent on Chinese would be amazing. All the best!

  12. I’m going to take few of your bucket list points and add it to mine 😀

  13. I never had a bucketlist but have had the good fortune to travel to and live in quite a number of excellent locations that you might add to your bucketlist. By far the best was in a small Turkish village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the south coast of Turkey named Candir (see: ), France paled by comparison and now we are right off Route 66 in the heart of Comanche territory on a cattle ranch in Texas. (see: ) I certainly envy you your youth and good sense to, first create a bucketlist, and secondly to have the smarts and initiative to get out there and experience it…

    Good on you Sam.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Ken. Thanks for sharing your links 🙂 take care and happy travels

  14. Yep, defo stealing some of these. I think I only contributed about five things to my own bucket list!

  15. Lance in Lincoln, Nebraska U.S.A. /

    This post is inspiring me to make a list!

    • Hey Lance! YAY! You should make a list! What’s on the top of it so far?


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