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Visiting Home

As I boarded the flight from Brisbane I was filled with emotion. After 17 months of epic highs and lows, I was going home.


After landing in London after a 23 hour flight, 1.5 hour stopover in Hong Kong and an argument with a guy on the immigration desk who didn’t believe my passport was actually my passport, I walked through those arrival gates to be greeted with my Mum holding a huge welcome home sign and her boyfriend dressed as Bananaman. Yes, like the superhero. It was surreal being home and being met with family.


My time back in the UK was a whirlwind. Trying to squeeze as much in as possible, being pulled from one meeting to another. Not that I’m complaining, it was great to see everyone. I spent some of my time in London and Essex meeting new family, I was thrown a surprise Australian themed Pole party and I went to gigs, evening events, a wedding and day trips to the coast. I ate out more in 17 days than ever before and I consumed more alcohol that I had all year! (Which probably explains why I have had a cold for 3 weeks now!) I also managed to find some time to go shopping and give my wardrobe a new spark of life! It felt so good being ‘me’ again. I’m trying to be less materialistic, but I’m sure you understand when I say that it’s nice having your own things again!


Being home made me realise that not much really changes. My friends are happy pursuing their careers and moving in with their partners. My family are living their lives with contentment and my room was exactly how I left it when I came away. Home gives you a sense of security. It’s a happy place, an escape maybe. However, as much as I admire, and am happy for, everybody I know back home, I couldn’t do it. I have far too much of a short attention span to live my life like that. I still haven’t even got a Scooby about what I want to do or where I want to be!


The time flew by though, and before I knew it, I was on my way back to Heathrow. My Mum and Dad both waved me off, it was lovely having them both together. I held back the tears until after I went through security. Luckily I had a 5-day stopover in Hong Kong to look forward to before facing reality again.


I really needed that trip home. I felt that I was losing my independence and identity, but now, I think I’m getting my mojo back! Knowing that friends and family are always there, no matter how far away you are is a huge reassurance. And a real hug is a millions times better than that silly little emoji one!


Thank you to everybody who made my trip incredible. So much love.





  1. David Starling /

    Great to see u darling, love u too 🙂 can’t wait for Xmas! Xxx

  2. Looks like you had a great time visiting home. I’m visiting home at the moment after a similar time away. It feels weird but good if you know what I mean!

    • Visiting home was so lovely Sophie 🙂 It’s so weird but really good, I hope you had a fab time too. Where are you going back to?

  3. Hey Sam, it looks like you had a great trip home. Your whirlwind of a visit and your feelings and sentiments remind me of how it used to be for me. When I lived abroad I would be back for 1 week every 3 months and it was just the same.

    Now tell us more about this Bananaman incident. What, why, where, how?……. We need to know !!! 😉

    • It was so great, thank you 🙂
      HAHA, it was too funny! I walked through the gates and there is my Mum and Bananaman!!! I’ve put a photo up on the post, check it out!

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