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I can’t ever recall being told that I’m a patient person. I hate waiting.
It sucks. What a complete waste of your life.
Well, I am currently waiting to start a delightful 18.5 hour journey. Why should I have to wait to start something that I don’t even want to do? While eating my peanut M&Ms I’ve been having a ponder into how long I must have spent waiting for things I’m my life. That got me thinking about how long I’ve had to wait to board flights during my 23 years on this planet.
Okay. Domestic flights are 2 hours prior to take off, international are 3. As I’m not one of those annoying passengers that run on to a flight late, making everybody on board wait for them, I ensure that I get to the airport when I am supposed to be there. But seriously, 3 hours. That’s a little excessive? With technology now making the airport process super easy, is it really necessary to sit in an overpriced food court for hours?
I’ve worked out that I have flown to 35 destinations.
So make that 70 flights, minus 2 that were one way.
= 68 flights
66 flights had 3 hours waiting time.
2 were domestic and had 2 hours.
And that isn’t even including minor delays and the one that never actually turned up!
I am, however, going to add on the horrific 9 hour delay I had to endure on the way back from New York.
That’s almost 17.5 full days.
2 and a half weeks.
The amount of time that I have waited for aeroplanes during my life so far would be an ideal amount of time for a holiday. Which is rather ironic, because that was the very thing that I was waiting for in the first place!


  1. Hannah Killner /

    Haha!!! That made me laugh you must be very bored to work that all out, very good rant! Love you xxxx miss you

  2. Well, flights can be a hassle! Without it we could have lose even more time. I do hate waiting too..waiting for friends for example. This is one reason why I like to travel alone:).

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