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Welcoming 2014 In Style

I’ve always wanted to spend New Years Eve in Sydney Harbor and last year, I finally checked it off my bucketlist.


The 31st December was a beautiful day in Sydney. The five of us packed our picnic rugs, eskies and set off to Bradley’s head. We arrived just after the gates open, eagerly with our tickets clutched in our sweaty hands. When I say beautiful day, I mean a bloody hot, not glamorous at all, kind of a day. I couldn’t believe it; the venue was already packed out. It was 1:30pm and the amphitheater was full! Luckily we found ourselves a nice little spot on a bridge, with the most perfect view over the harbor. Not too shabby, hey.



The only problem with this spot was there was absolutely no shade. We had to sit for hours in the scorching heat, feeling our skin bronzing.


Don't worry Mum, I wore sunscreen!

Don’t worry Mum, I wore sunscreen!


I also managed to narrowly avoid a potentially painful fate, as while I was daydreaming against the wooden ledge, staring out to the skyline, a little redback spider decided to climb on my arm. I didn’t realise this tiny creature could kill me in one bite, so I was talking to it (as you do). Luckily it was blown off my arm by Tom in a mad panic. Thanks for saving my life darl.


As more and more people arrive the atmosphere grew. Excitement and happiness all around, music pumping and tripods everywhere you looked! We were in such a fantastic surrounding, ready to celebrate the New Year, with friends and strangers.


For the middle couple of hours I think I developed some kind of memory loss, as I couldn’t even tell you what happened. The wait was pretty long but I knew it was going to be worth it.


11 hours waiting...

11 hours waiting…

The sun waved goodbye, the entertainment started and anticipation was growing. Lighty-up boats started sailing around the harbor and airplanes flew overhead. It was exciting but WE WANTED TO SEE THE FIREWORKS!


DSC03759 copy

DSC03777 copy


The midnight build up was intense. There was calm before the storm, they harbor got eerily quiet, with everybody checking their watches… but the countdown soon begun. 10… 9…. You know how it goes. 2… 1…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cheers filled Sydney, kisses all round. Then it happened, the sky lit up with the most incredible display I had ever seen.

DSC03956 copy


Would I do it again? No way. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t one of the most magical days of my life so far. The experience was out of this world.


Here’s to 2013, an epic year of travel and a new chapter in my life. Cheers to 2014, let’s hope it continues just how it started.

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