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Whale Watching in Byron Bay

The best thing about winter in Byron Bay is that it is Whale season and I love nothing better to watch these majestic creatures frolic off the shores. Tom and I were lucky enough to experience Whale watching at a whole new level, onboard one of the boats with the awesome Byron Bay Dive Centre. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we were ready for some David Attenborough style scenes.

The ocean was a little choppy, but we didn’t care because as soon as we got out there, we could see Whale movement in the distance. Our skipper put the whale hearing device thing (technical, I know) under the water and we could hear this beautiful, yet almost chilling sound of the song.

After around 40 minutes of some distant breaches and an encounter with a cute little seal at Julian Rocks, the action really started. We were bobbing in sync with the waves and all of a sudden three whales started breaching so close to our boat. It was incredible. My heart was racing and the boat let out a firework ‘ooooh ahhhhh’. Another breached and I swear we had a moment, lost in each others eyes! It really was the most exhilarating wildlife experience. I’ll let the photos do the talking.




A huge thank you to the legendary staff at the BBDC, September was a fantastic time to go! If you’re in Byron Bay or anywhere on the East Coast during June-October I would recommend getting yourself on one of these epic trips.

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