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Whasuuuup Vietnam (#2)

I loved Hoi An. There’s not too much when it comes to the town itself- the main ‘high street’ is full of tailoring shops, which to be fair, was amazing! I got two beaut dresses tailored, for just £30 each! Hoi An is a shopaholics dream… As my friend Danielle found out. She was totally addicted to getting clothes made! I think the total by the end of the week was up to 8. Good work, hey. Aside from shopping, there are some nice restaurants to choose from- a recommended being ‘Morning Glory’, it was a total mouthgasm, they love a BBQ in Vietnam. Good for the hangover after you’ve visited ‘Same Same bar’ (yes, a very adventurous name for a bar in SE Asia) and drunk all you can drink in Volcano the previous night. Nightlife in Hoi An is pretty decent, we would all start at our hotel ‘Sunflower’- where there were hundred of backpackers- and head to town, already merry from a couple of beers and a game of ‘beerymid’. Just be careful when it’s time to come home… We saw a guy nearly get bottles by a local taxi bike driver after having an argument over a couple of hundred dong. The beaches were by far the best thing about this stop in Vietnam, they made the awful sleeper bus experience worth it! An Bang beach is possibly the most beautiful I’ve visited. Practically deserted and laced with golden sand and turquoise sea. It’s definitely a gem. Plus, it had volleyball nets made of bamboo poles. And where there’s a pole, there’s an excuse to dance on it! It had been about 2 months since I went to my class so I decided to have a little play session. It seemed to go well. Turned into a little beach celeb and got some training in. Then I turned a little cocky and managed to get numerous splinters and skin my shoulder. Whoops. Was great fun though. Hoi An is a fave, for sure!



After coming from Hoi An my beach expectations did rise. And unfortunately N’ha Trang didn’t meet the requirements! We spent most of our time at the yacht Club. It was kind of like being in Marbs. Wifi on the beach (which I’m not complaining about), big cushioned sunbeds (which again, I guess wasn’t so bad…) and a number of Russians wearing thongs on the beach, with their asses wobbling around all over the place (not so pleasant). The beach was okay, but pretty dirty. It just reminded me of a really touristy beach resort, and didn’t have a patch on Hoi An. There were a few bars and restaurants, but nothing worth noting. One night we went for dinner in heavy rain, and ended up having to pretty much paddle back after a small typhoon seemed to attack the town! Water in the road that went up to my knees! Pretty hilarious really. N’ha Trang was alright for a few days of pretending to be super rich, owning boats and sipping on ridiculously over priced bevvy’s, but not really worth a trip if you’re short on time!


So, after another hellish sleeper bus we arrived into Saigon at about 6am. Got to our hostel, and seemed to have stepped into some pornagraphic movie set or something. Literally, there was a couple opposite getting very passionate, for about fifteen minutes. It was weird and to be honest, made me feel pretty sick (although I couldn’t bring myself to take my eyes off them!) Bloody PDA, especially that early! The first thing we did in HCMC was experience a blind massage. I love a massage, and I appreciate they were blind. But it was really bad. Moving on swiftly, we had a walk around the city, visiting markets and exploring what the city had to offer. A couple of locals warned us about our bags being snatched, and although nothing happened, I felt a little unsafe walking around. I prefer Hanoi as Vietnam’s best city! Although, the war tunnels and war museum were interesting… Even if a little bias and American hating. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase ‘killing American’s’ that much ever before. A little weird (an awkward as we were travelling with American’s!) but I guess it’s just what they want to believe!


Vietnam is an awesome country. I didn’t find it the most friendly place I’ve visited, but it has character. And character is super important when it comes to likeability for me.
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