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This Year in Sam’s World – 2014

Every year I think that we should keep notes of all the exciting things that happen throughout the 12 months and come the end of December, we can reflect on what we have achieved and experienced. Here is a little summary of Sam’s 2014  year in Travel; It wasn’t the best year I’ve ever had but I feel like I have grown up and learned an awful lot.

January– A bit of a bumpy start to the year in Sydney, regarding my health. A weekend in Melbourne and a trip to Phillip Island at the end of the month was much needed. I absolutely fell in love with the Victorian city.

February– I had to leave my Sydney job behind as they were relocation to San Francisco. My cousin Hannah arrived on her WHV and I picked her up from Sydney Airport and took her under my wing! I moved to Melbourne, but found it very difficult to find work. Tom and I hired a campervan for 3 days and drove down the Great Ocean Road. It was stunning and I saw my first wild Koalas!

March– I managed to sort out some Regional Work for Hannah and I to start in April. I spent the rest of March exploring Melbourne, laying on St. Kilda beach and trying not to spend money! We also went to watch the first Grand Prix race of the season in Albert Park. The F1 was great fun; it surprised me how into it I got!

April– Hannah and I headed to Shepparton, about three hours from Melbourne to do our Farm work. I lasted 3.5 days and cried the entire time. I don’t think I’m cut out for factory work, especially as I was still struggling with my health. Hannah stayed on to do her 88 days. To make myself feel better, Tom and I went on a Vineyard tour in the Yarra Valley and got utterly gazeboed on beautiful wine (that we purchased and then lost that night) before eating our body weight in China Town Dumplings. YUM!

May– Back in Melbourne and I found a job waitressing in a beautiful Italian coffee shop down one of the famous lane ways in the CBD. Tom, Sam, Sarah-Jane and I went on an epic trip to Alice Springs, where we visited Kings Canyon, Uluru and Kata Tjuta. I even slept for two nights in a swag in the middle of the Outback! That was an incredible experience.

June– Byron Bay was next on the list. Back to square one with the job search, but I got chance to visit Australia Zoo and cuddle a Koala! I also went Whale watching and saw a breaching Humpback. At the end of the month I spent a weekend in Sydney, visited the Gold Coast and started working for Happy Travels as the Social Media/Web Guru. Happy Birthday to me!

July– We moved in to a gorgeous beach house in Byron Bay which a tropical garden perfect for BBQs! Tom won a trip to Cairns, so we spent a weekend flashpacking up North, ticking ‘Dive in the Great Barrier Reef’ off our bucket lists! Aside from that, lots of saving!

August– It was my Australia Anniversary! I was lucky enough to get a 457 sponsorship visa, so I can stay! Cheers to that.

September– Tom and I flew 23 long hours and arrived back home to the UK. I had been away for 17 months before going home! My stay at home was brilliant; I did so much and got to spend time with my friends and family. On the way home we stopped for five nights in Hong Kong.

October– Hong Kong is a fabulous destination. We stayed at the Hotel Icon and spent our time eating great food and exploring the city. It’s nice to visit somewhere new! Back in Byron and I landed myself a new travel job in a tiny town just outside of Ballina.

November– Back to full time work after the month long break and surprisingly loving it! A nice trip to Noosa where Tom, Kate, James and I spent the weekend Paddle boarding and exploring the chic beach town.

December– I passed my TEFL course and exam so I am now accredited English as a Foreign Language teacher! A great start to the festive month, Christmas shopping in the Gold Coast and seeing our friend Benn perform as Timon in the Lion King Musical. Our tree looked gorgeous in our home and our Aussie Christmas in the sunshine was amazing; I even ticked ‘Spend Christmas Day on the Beach’ off my Bucket list. My cousin Hannah came to visit and I also had my Dad fly in from his holiday in New Zealand. December definitely ended 2014 on a high. Bring on the New Year!

2014 started off as quite an unsettled year, but the last few months were much better and I felt a lot happier in all aspects of my life; things are looking up. I am super optimistic for 2015. It’s going to be a good one with hopefully even more travels and adventures.

What have you done this year? Feel free to comment, it’s always good to sit back, reminisce and share your stories with others.




  1. Have a happy new year Sam. My highlights in 2014 were Portugal and the Baltic States. Hopefully 2015 will see me pass my TEFL and then hopefully six months in China.

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