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This Year In Sam’s World – 2017

Every year I like to write a little summary of some of the most exciting things that happen. Then, come the end of December, I can reflect on what I have achieved and experienced. Here is a little summary of Sam’s year in Travel 2017

January– In January, my lovely Grandma came to Byron Bay to visit us. We showed her around and made many beautiful memories; including a yummy wedding tasting lunch at the Figtree Restaurant.  I also purchased my Wedding Dress from Grace Loves Lace and went Diving at Julian Rocks.


February– Another dive at Julian Rocks, where I saw lots of Leopard Sharks! I also went on my first ever Surf Lesson, which was super fun! I started volunteering with Take 3, where I represented them at the Byron Bay annual Surf Festival.


March– A big trip to UK for one of my best friend’s weddings, where I was a bridesmaid. She looked absolutely beautiful and it was a magical day. Also, it was so great to catch up with family and friends, explore London as tourists and geek out with my Mum at Harry Potter World! We then went to Copenhagen, Denmark, to see my brother who was studying over there. On the way back, a cheeky stop to check out Dubai, UAE.


April– Aside from the normal dinners with friends, I mainly focused on Marine Conservation, working with Take 3 and Positive Change for Marine Life in beach cleans and events.


May– More beach cleans with PCFML and a Take 3 event in Kingscliffe that I hosted with Van Life. We had a great turn out and it was an awesome day! I also went to my first ever Psychic appointment with a lady I’d been recommended called Tamsin. I was absolutely blown away with everything she said and it has helped give me direction at a time where I felt quite confused about my life’s path.


June– Really throwing myself in to the Marine Conservation thing; I feel so passionate about it. I helped out at another Take 3 event and more beach cleans. I completed my Reiki 1 course, which was an eye opener into the amazing world of energy healing. It was also my 27th birthday… getting old but also loving it!


July– We celebrated Christmas in July with friends and had a weekend away in Sydney to watch Arsenal FC play. I completed my Reiki 2 course, which I loved even more than Reiki 1! I really feel like it’s helping me develop and teaching me to channel my energy in a more beneficial way. Of course, I also helped out with some beach cleans… need to keep that plastic out the ocean!


August– Aside from getting rather stressed, making sure all our wedding plans came together, we went on a few nice local adventures and helped with more beach cleans! This month was pretty quiet as we were paying off the last bits for the big day, but I did manage to have a Reiki session with my teacher, Cath, which helped a lot!


September– My little brother came to Byron at the start of the month and we took part in a colour run, which was fun! We showed him around and spent some quality time at the beach and exploring. It was great to see him. All our family started to arrive from the second week of the month, followed by best friends mid month. It was so wonderful to have everybody in one place, and also quite surreal! We were very busy catching up with everyone and getting organised for our Wedding day, on the 19th. Our Hens and Bucks weekends were so much fun and the wedding itself was literally the best day ever. Everything was perfect; the weather, venue and food were beautiful and it was so intimate only have 43 guests. The happiness we both felt was euphoric and we could tell our family and friends felt the same. What. a. Day. Thank you to everybody who made incredible. It was pretty sad when it was all over and everybody started to head home. Goodbyes are the worst! But I’m glad we were able to make so many precious memories.


October– After a hectic few months, we were very much looking forward to our honeymoon to Sri Lanka & the Maldives. We had a 11 day private tour around Sri Lanka, with our wonderful driver Oshada. We visited Negombo, Sigiriya, Kandy, Ella, Ulawadawe, Unawatuna and Colombo. We experienced traditional Ayurvedic treatments, saw elephants in the wild on safari and rode the famous train through the lush tea tree plantations of Nuwara Eliya. Sri Lanka is a stunning county. We then visited paradise; Kurumba Island. 5 days just wasn’t enough! We snorkelled in the lagoon, scuba dived with Manta Rays, had a massage on the beach and completed our freediving course! What a bloody fantastic trip! Coming back to Byron wasn’t too bad though, it’s warming up and I have some big plans to start working on!


November– We attended a Marine conservation fundraiser, where I managed to win myself a huge crate of beer! I also attended a private jewellery making workshop with a local artist, Thomas Frank, where I made a gorgeous turquoise ring. Then, I was off to Tasmania, where I hiked to Wineglass Bay and went to the annual Helloworld Frontliners Conference. It was fantastic and I learned so much! Next years is in Fiji… so pretty excited about that!


December– I completed my Reiki Masters course, which means I am now able to practice Reiki! How exciting! As usual, December has been busy spending lots of time with friends, celebrating the festive period. Tom and I then spent a quiet Christmas celebrating on the beach, which was the perfect end to the perfect year. I’m not sure what we’re doing for New Years Eve yet, but I’m sure it will involve a bubbly toast to 2017 and a huge cheers to welcome in 2018!


Wow. 2017 has been absolutely incredible and I am truly grateful for everything that has come my way, helping me to develop into the person I wish to be. I’m learning to worry less and embrace the waves of life; trusting the universe and attracting positivity, meaningful relationships and experiences.


Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realise that you have enough, you are truly rich.”Lao Tzu

What have you achieved this year? Feel free to comment; it’s always good to sit back, reminisce and share your stories with others.

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